The British Franchise Association (BFA)
Produced in partnership with Tim Rickard of Fieldfisher and David Bond of Fieldfisher

The following Commercial practice note produced in partnership with Tim Rickard of Fieldfisher and David Bond of Fieldfisher provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • The British Franchise Association (BFA)
  • Role and remit
  • Legislative and regulatory framework
  • Membership criteria of the BFA
  • The BFA's Code of Ethics
  • Complaints and appeal process
  • What sanctions can the BFA impose?
  • Cost of membership
  • Alternatives to the BFA

The British Franchise Association (BFA)

This Practice Note examines the role and remit of the British Franchise Association (the BFA) in the franchise industry in the UK. It looks at the legislative and regulatory framework in the franchise industry, the membership criteria of the BFA, the BFA’s Code of Ethical Conduct, the complaints and appeals process of the BFA, the sanctions which the BFA can impose upon its members, the costs of membership of the BFA for franchisors and franchisees, the relationship between the BFA and the European Franchise Federation and alternatives to membership of the BFA.

Role and remit

The British Franchise Association (BFA) was set up in 1977 to assess and accredit franchising companies in the UK. The objectives of the BFA, as stated in its Articles of Association, are to:

  1. promote the interests of franchisors

  2. ensure compliance with its Code of Ethical Conduct

  3. advise on all franchising queries

  4. promote trust and confidence in BFA-accredited franchises

  5. provide education and training in relation to franchises, and

  6. increase efficiency and economy in the franchising practice

The BFA has various powers which it can exercise in order to further those objectives. They can, for example:

  1. accept gifts and donations

  2. create and circulate publications

  3. represent the views of BFA members

  4. lobby Parliament, and

  5. provide education and training

One of the main roles of the BFA is the accreditation of members.

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