SCHEDULE 8 Index of Defined Expressions
Companies Act 2006 | Legislation

SCHEDULE 8 Index of Defined Expressions

Section 1174

abbreviated accounts (in Part 15)sections 444(4) and 445(3)
accounting reference date and accounting reference periodsection 391
accounting standards (in Part 15)section 464
accounts meetingsection 437(3)
acquisition, in relation to a non-cash assetsection 1163(2)
—generally in the Companies Actssection 1142
—in the company communications provisionssection 1148(1)
affirmative resolution procedure, in relation to regulations and orderssection 1290
allotment (time of)section 558
allotment of equity securities (in Chapter 3 of Part 17)[section 560(2) and (3)]
allotted share capital and allotted sharessection 546(1)(b) and (2)
annual accounts (in Part 15)section 471
annual accounts and reports (in Part 15)section 471
annual general meetingsection 336
 . . .  . . . 
appropriate audit authority (in sections 522, 523 and 524)section 525(1)
appropriate rate of interest
—in Chapter 5 of Part 17section 592
—in Chapter 6 of Part 17section 609
approval after being made, in relation to regulations and orderssection 1291
—in Chapter 7 of Part 17section 616(1)
—in Part 26section 895(2)
[—in Part 26Asection 901A(4)]
articlessection 18
associate (in Chapter 3 of Part 28)section 988
associated bodies corporate and associated company (in Part 10)section 256
[the Audit Regulationsection 1173(1)]
authenticated, in relation to a document or information sent or supplied to a companysection 1146
authorised group, of members of a company (in Part 14)section 370(3)
authorised insurance companysection 1165(2)
authorised minimum (in relation to share capital of public company)section 763
available profits (in Chapter 5 of Part 18)sections 711 and

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