Tax—Finance Act 2019—progress through Parliament [Archived]
Tax—Finance Act 2019—progress through Parliament [Archived]

The following Tax practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Tax—Finance Act 2019—progress through Parliament [Archived]
  • Progress of FA 2019
  • FA 2019—measure by measure
  • Items expected to be but not included in FA 2019

This Practice Note contains information on Finance Act 2019 (FA 2019) which received Royal Assent on 12 February 2019. It is being retained for historic interest as it charts the progress of the legislation through Parliament and provides a description, with relevant links, of each measure in the Act.

The tracker is split into three parts:

  1. Progress of FA 2019

  2. FA 2019—measure by measure

  3. Items expected to be but not included in FA 2019

For an overview of the provisions of the Bill as published on 7 November 2018, see News Analysis: Publication of Finance Bill 2019 and consultations. For information on the draft legislation published on 6 July 2018, see News Analysis: Legislation day: Draft Finance Bill 2019. For comprehensive tracking of the consultations mentioned, see: Tax—consultation and legislation tracker.

Progress of FA 2019

This part of the Practice Note shows the progress of FA 2019 through Parliament.

DateBill stageBill version
6 July 2018Draft legislation publishedDraft
19 July 2018Additional draft legislation published Draft
7 November 2018Finance Bill publishedBill as introduced
12 November 2018Second reading
19–20 November 2018Committee stage
27 November 2018Public Bill Committee stage started
11 December 2018Public Bill Committee stage completedBill as amended
8 January 2019Report stage completed
9 January 2019 House of Lords first readingBill as introduced to the House of Lords
7 February 2019House of Lords stages completed
12 February 2019Royal Assent

FA 2019—measure by measure

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