Tax disclosure—rights issue prospectus—Main Market
Tax disclosure—rights issue prospectus—Main Market

The following Tax precedent provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • United Kingdom Taxation
  • Certain UK tax considerations
  • Taxation of chargeable gains
  • Rights Issue—Issue of New Ordinary Shares
  • Disposal or lapse of rights to acquire New Ordinary Shares
  • Disposal of Ordinary Shares and New Ordinary Shares
  • Taxation of dividends
  • The Company
  • United Kingdom resident individual Qualifying Shareholders
  • United Kingdom resident corporate Qualifying Shareholders
  • More...

United Kingdom Taxation

Certain UK tax considerations

The following statements, which are intended as a general guide only[ and not a substitute for detailed tax advice], are based on current [(and where expressly referred to, prospective)] UK tax legislation and to what is understood to be the current published practice of HMRC (which is not binding)[ as at the last practicable date prior to the issue of this document, which may change, possibly with retrospective effect].

[The following statements also assume that the Finance Bill [insert year] will be enacted in substantially its current form.]

These statements deal only with the position of Shareholders who are resident, and in the case of individuals, domiciled for tax purposes in (and only in) the UK and to whom split year treatment does not apply (except where the position of non-UK tax residents is expressly referred to), who hold their Ordinary Shares as investments [(other than under an individual savings account or self-invested personal pension)] and who are the absolute beneficial [and legal ]owners of their Ordinary Shares and any dividends paid on them. [(Shareholders holding their Ordinary Shares in a depositary receipt system or clearance service should

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