324 Rights of entry
324 Rights of entry

Rights of entry

324  Rights of entry

(1)     Any person duly authorised in writing by the Secretary of State or by a local planning authority may at any reasonable time enter any land for the purpose of surveying it in connection with—

[(a)     the preparation, revision, adoption or approval of a local development document under Part 2 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 or a local development plan under Part 6 of that Act;]

[(aa)     the preparation, making, modification or revocation of a neighbourhood development plan under Part 3 of that Act;]

(b)     any application under Part III or sections . . . , 220 or 221 or under any order or regulations made under any of those provisions, for any permission, consent or determination to be given or made in connection with that land or any other land under that Part or any of those sections or under any such order or regulations;

[(ba)     any application made to the Welsh Ministers under section 62

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