[SCHEDULE 4A Bankruptcy Restrictions Order and Undertaking]

[SCHEDULE 4A Bankruptcy Restrictions Order and Undertaking]

[Section 281A]

[Bankruptcy restrictions order


(1)     A bankruptcy restrictions order may be made by the court.

(2)     An order may be made only on the application of—

(a)     the Secretary of State, or

(b)     the official receiver acting on a direction of the Secretary of State.

Grounds for making order


(1)     The court shall grant an application for a bankruptcy restrictions order if it thinks it appropriate having regard to the conduct of the bankrupt (whether before or after the making of the bankruptcy order).

(2)     The court shall, in particular, take into account any of the following kinds of behaviour on the part of the bankrupt—

(a)     failing to keep records which account for a loss of property by the bankrupt, or by a business carried on by him, where the loss occurred in the period beginning 2 years before [the making of the bankruptcy application or (as the case may be) the presentation of the bankruptcy petition and ending with the date of the application for the bankruptcy restrictions order];

(b)     failing to produce records of that kind on demand by the official receiver or the trustee;

(c)     entering into a transaction at an undervalue;

(d)     giving a preference;

(e)     making an excessive pension contribution;

(f)     a failure to supply goods or services which were wholly or partly paid for which gave rise to a claim provable in the bankruptcy;

(g)     trading at a time before commencement of the bankruptcy when the bankrupt knew or ought to have known that he

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