1009 Circumstances in which application to be withdrawn
Companies Act 2006 | Legislation

1009  Circumstances in which application to be withdrawn

(1)     This section applies where, at any time on or after the day on which a company makes an application under section 1003 (application for voluntary striking off) and before the day on which the application is finally dealt with or withdrawn—

(a)     the company—

(i)     changes its name,

(ii)     trades or otherwise carries on business,

(iii)     makes a disposal for value of any property or rights other than those which it was necessary or expedient for it to hold for the purpose of making, or proceeding with, an application under that section, or

(iv)     engages in any activity, except one to which subsection (4) applies;

(b)     an application is made to the court under Part 26 [or 26A] on behalf of the company for the sanctioning of a compromise or arrangement;

(c)     a voluntary arra

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