322 Individual support orders

Individual support orders

322  Individual support orders

After section 1A of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 (c 37) there is inserted—

“1AA Individual support orders

(1)     Where a court makes an anti-social behaviour order in respect of a defendant who is a child or young person when that order is made, it must consider whether the individual support conditions are fulfilled.

(2)     If it is satisfied that those conditions are fulfilled, the court must make an order under this section (“an individual support order”) which—

(a)     requires the defendant to comply, for a period not exceeding six months, with such requirements as are specified in the order; and

(b)     requires the defendant to comply with any directions given by the responsible officer with a view to the implementation of the requirements under paragraph (a) above.

(3)     The individual support conditions are—

(a)     that an individual support order would be desirable in the interests of preventing any repetition of the kind of behaviour which led to the making of the anti-social behaviour order;

(b)     that the defendant is not already subject to an individual support order; and

(c)     that the court has been notified by the Secretary of State that arrangements for implementing individual support orders are available in the area in which it appears to it that the defendant resides or will reside and the notice has not been withdrawn.

(4)     If the court is not satisfied that the individual support conditio

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