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You’re juggling many areas of responsibility. How can you keep on top of the latest developments, run your business and still do great work for your clients?

I feel uncertain about my firms’ future

I need to ensure we remain compliant, whilst managing time effectively

I’m good at what I do, but I need to support the growth of my business

I need to be confident any type of legal advice I give is up to date and accurate

Expert tools for knowledge experts

Discover valuable time-saving tools and expert practical guidance to benefit you and your clients.

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Cherry-picked Independent Law content to bring you fresh insight and analysis.

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What our customers say about us


“We need to have a valuable, easily usable source of legal texts and statutes and materials. You can’t do without LexisNexis, so that was why I subscribed. I’d used LexisNexis in the past and it was great — so it was the natural place to go.”

Andrew Scott, CEO

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Kaur Maxwell

“Because of the pure breadth and depth of black letter law research and practical guidance that LexisNexis provides, we don’t have to rely on counsel as much as perhaps firms that don’t use LexisNexis. The information it gives us creates a really good sphere of technical understanding of the topics we advise on.”

Mandeep Kaur Virdee, Managing Partner
Kaur Maxwell

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Jai Stern

“What I spend on my yearly subscription, equals to a day’s billable hours for me not to mention time efficiencies and peace of mind.”

Saba Jamal Hasan, Senior Partner
Jai Stern LLP Solicitors

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Bookstreet Des Roches

“What’s really impressive is that even after the trial, we still have access to the same levels of support, and account management.”

Rebecca Thomas, Professional Support Partner
BrookStreet des Roches

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Keidan Harrison

“We need things to be as accurate as possible at the first check, to save time and provide confidence. We are generally very pleased with the accuracy and quality of the resources from LexisNexis.”

Luke Tucker Harrison, Co-founding Partner
Keidan Harrison

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“LexisPSL and the other Lexis solutions support our business in exactly the way we want. They enable us to quickly turn around work and deliver the best possible service to our clients, so we are delighted with the decision.”

David Pritchard, Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution Partner

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