Preparing for a BD meeting
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Last updated on 21/11/2019

The following Practice Management practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Preparing for a BD meeting
  • Ten steps to a successful meeting
  • Conduct initial research
  • Use social media
  • Explore common connections
  • Read trade press
  • Anticipate work types/opportunities
  • Identify their current law firm
  • Prepare ice-breaker and other questions
  • Handouts
  • More...

Preparing for a BD meeting

One of the challenges lawyers face when meeting a prospect is the lack of knowledge of the contact and the business they represent. Preparation for the first few meetings is therefore very important in order to have the best possible chance of developing the relationship. This Practice Note provides guidance to help a lawyer prepare for a meeting with a business prospect.

Ten steps to a successful meeting

The following preparatory steps will help you prepare for a BD meeting and should give you a better chance of achieving a successful outcome.

Conduct initial research

Gather as much information as possible about the person you are seeing and the organisation they represent, eg:

  1. on the person—what their current role is, their position in the hierarchy and what their previous role was

  1. on the organisation—what it does, the size of the business and what news has there been about it over the last year

Consider setting up regular news alerts to build up your knowledge about specific people or organisations over time, you could use a free service such as Google Alerts or subscribe to a more sophisticated subscription service such as Nexis to help you.

Use social media

Take advantage of social media to find out more about the person you are meeting, eg LinkedIn is very useful for:

  1. learning more about the individual’s background, including education

  2. discovering

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