Global mobility tax intelligence at your fingertips

The way we work is changing and evolving faster than ever before. As businesses become increasingly international, so does the complexities and risks of managing a globally mobile workforce.

Tolley has worked closely with leading tax experts from across the globe to create two new tax intelligence sources, to help your organisation efficiently and effectively manage domestic payroll for foreign expatriates working abroad.

Save Time

Save the time spent on carrying out cross jurisdictional tax research, with instant access to trusted commentary and guidance from leading tax experts across the globe.

Save Money

Reduce outsourcing costs from panel firms or regional tax advisors, with access to detailed practical commentary and guidance, that helps your tax team to understand how multi‐jurisdictional regulations apply in relation to your business queries.

Reduce Risk

Mitigate the risk of costly compliance errors, with accurate and up-to-date intelligence written and reviewed by our network of local tax experts.

Payroll Obligations

Step-by-step flowcharts that help you determine when the employer footprint begin for tax and social security.

Cost of compliance

Includes guidance on your organisational obligations for social security, insurance funds and payroll taxes.

Cost of non-compliance

With increasing scrutiny from regulatory and tax authorities, what are the applicable penalties and consequences of any errors in your payroll delivery?

The TolleyLibrary difference

Complete coverage of UK tax and accountancy information trusted by tax professionals for over 100 years.

The definitive voice on the UK tax market

TolleyLibrary is the largest reference library of its kind in the UK. When tax professionals are looking for certainty, they rely on Tolley’s depth of experience for concrete answers.

Every aspect of tax and accountancy covered

A subscription to TolleyLibrary provides you with online access to all the tax and accountancy information your organisation could need. Browse consolidated UK tax legislation, accountancy standards and principles, and UK tax cases, along with commentary and analysis from our in‐house experts.

Our search understands exactly what you need

We get it right first time. Tolley’s superior search functionality always finds what you are looking for. Our comprehensive online library puts a wealth of knowledge and expertise at your fingertips.

Cross‐referencing to see the whole picture

Gain perspective with our instant cross‐referencing tool. Use the tool to compare commentary, cases, legislation and other legal materials. In addition, tailored email alerts and customised news pods keep you abreast of the latest news in your practice areas.

Pay only for what’s relevant

Select the content that’s right for you, your business and your clients. Flexible pricing means you only pay for what is relevant. Choose from eight core menus and 25 specialist bolt-ons.

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