Inclusion and Diversity

LexisNexis Legal & Professional is part of the RELX Group, along with LexisNexis Risk Solutions, Elsevier and Reed Exhibitions. LexisNexis Legal & Professional support the RELX Inclusion & Diversity approach below.

Our people

2020 was an extraordinary year for our people as all of us quickly adapted to homeworking to contain the spread of Covid-19. As this meant many of us had to adapt to new ways of working, we provided support to help our people through this challenging period including giving employees several additional half-days of leave during the summer.

We aim to be known as an employer of choice, with excellence in recruiting and retaining the best people. By providing a company where employees can do their best work, we will be able to achieve our objectives and meet the expectations of our customers and other stakeholders.

As a part of RELX, we are members of a workforce of over 33,000 people. This workforce is 51% female and 49% male, with an average length of service of 7.59 years. In 2020, there were 43% female and 57% male managers, and 31% female and 69% male senior leaders. Our oldest employee is 84 years old. 25% of our technologists we employ directly are women. At year-end 2020, women made up 45% of the members of the RELX Board.

Inclusion & Diversity

Our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct makes it clear that we prohibit discrimination and that we recruit, hire, develop, promote and provide other conditions of employment without regard to race, colour, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, age, disability or any other category protected by law.

In addition, our Inclusion and Diversity Policy articulates our commitment to a diverse workforce and an environment that respects individuals and their contributions, regardless of gender, race or other characteristics. Our inclusion strategy focuses on translating the Inclusion and Diversity Policy into practical action. Among its commitments is maintaining an Inclusion Council, composed of leaders from each area of our business, supported by a broader Inclusion Working Group with more than 250 participants.

In 2020 the CEOs of our four businesses met regularly with members of our US African-Ancestry Networks to progress our efforts on race and ethnicity. RELX and its businesses signed the Business in the Community Race at Work Charter and each has appointed an executive sponsor for inclusion.

  • A Psychological Safety programme, developed in collaboration with Amy Edmonson, Novartis Professor of Leadership at Harvard Business School, was piloted at Elsevier and LexisNexis Legal & Professional to enhance a culture of trust

  • We launched INCLUDE (Inclusive Habits and Behaviours Training) developed with the NeuroLeadership Institute, with over 500 leaders trained. We also launched courageous conversations and allyship training in the year

  • Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) grew to over 100 networks, focused on a range of inclusion priorities including gender, race and ethnicity, age, LGBTQ+ and disability. ERGs allow colleagues to collaborate, advocate and engage communities, furthering the RELX Inclusion and Diversity Policy

  • In recognition of the important roles ERGs play in advancing a culture of inclusion, in 2020 we launched a new policy across RELX during Global Diversity Awareness Month giving 16 hours paid time-off per year to all staff to use for ERG-sponsored activities

  • Also during the Month, we held our second ERG Conference virtually over two days, with the first day open to all employees. Over 1,500 employees joined from 23 countries to debate, share best practice, develop action plans and identify success metrics

  • During Pride Month, we held our first ever virtual Pride Festival with Morning Gloryville. In the year, RELX scored 94% (up from 61% in 2019) in the Workplace Pride Benchmark

  • RELX is a signatory to the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs), a UNGC and UN Women initiative to help companies empower women and promote gender equality

  • We are also included in the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index, which recognises commitment to advancing women in the workplace and transparency in workplace gender reporting

  • In 2020, RELX CEO Erik Engstrom joined The Valuable 500, a global CEO community revolutionising disability inclusion

  • Elsevier Enabled ERG focused on promoting disability-friendly hiring and information resources and LexisNexis Legal & Professional launched its Enabled ERG to provide a community of support for colleagues living with disabilities and their allies

  • We celebrated International Day of People with Disabilities with renewed commitment to customers and our employees who experience disability. Elsevier Enabled organised a programme of speakers and panellists including CEO Kumsal Bayazit

Women in technology

With around 9,000 technologists across RELX, we need to attract the best talent for our current and future work, mirroring the diversity of our customers.

  • In 2020, we continued our Women in Technology internal mentoring programme for high-potential women across our four business areas. The fourth cohort of the programme was launched in the autumn with 63 pairs; 48% of mentors were women working in technology in our business

  • The Women in Technology webinar series ran throughout the year and featured talented RELX women in the field. Additionally, RELX signed the Tech Talent Charter to strengthen our support for an inclusive technology sector.

Advancing Inclusion & Diversity at LexisNexis UK

We believe a truly impactful Inclusion and Diversity strategy can only be successful when it is jointly owned by the whole organisation. We work closely with our ERGs to develop and deliver a strategy and supporting action plan that reflects our joint commitment to a LexisNexis UK in which every individual has an equal opportunity to thrive.

Our vision: operate effortlessly as an inclusive organisation which is free from bias and discrimination, representative of the communities we serve, and which celebrates the voices and perspectives of our diverse people.

In order to achieve this vision, we have made three commitments, each of which is supported by detailed metrics and an action plan to ensure we make sustained progress.

Our commitments:

  1. We commit to being an organisation which proactively challenges prejudice and bias and where individuals feel comfortable and supported in challenging unacceptable behaviour should it occur

  2. We commit to ensuring diverse employee representation throughout the organisation and employee lifecycle, thereby reducing gaps in average pay

  3. We commit to advancing awareness, engagement and advocacy, to shifting mindsets on key diversity issues internally and externally within our means and sphere of influence

These commitments are evident throughout our people processes. Our HR, Executive Leadership and Management communities work closely together to ensure that, as much as possible, recruitment, advancement and retention decisions and initiatives are free from bias, provide equal opportunity for success and progression for all of our people, and ensure we recruit, recognise and retain the best talent.

Inclusive and equitable processes must be supported by and inclusive culture however, and we are priviledged to partner with a thriving ERG community to drive this.



The Families@LNUK vision is to bring together and support anyone with an interest in family no matter what their perspective.

This group kicked into a higher gear during the pandemic. They partnered with our Thrive Wellbeing team to run an ongoing campaign sharing news, information, guidance, and stories from colleagues. This collaboration with Thrive also resulted in informative webinars on topics such as Children’s Mental Health, Menopause and Endometriosis. Another highlight was their annual Reverse Advent activity, delivered virtually in 2020.

LNUK Pride Group

LNUK Pride Group

The LNUK Pride Group’s aim is to promote equality, inclusivity and understanding in respect of LGBT+ people at LNUK, and make LNUK a better and more attractive place for LGBT+ people.

This group loves a good reading and film list, and they shared resources to help broaden our perspectives and to mark LBGT History Month, Pride Month and World Aids Day. They also partnered with PDT Global to deliver an engaging workshop to educate colleagues on ‘The T in LGBT’, to mark the International Trans Day of Visibility.

GEM (Gender Equality Matters)

GEM (Gender Equality Matters)

GEM (Gender Equality Matters)’s aim is to explore, understand and promote gender equality across LexisNexis UK.

During 2020 the group celebrated International Women’s Day with an ‘Each for Equal’ photo campaign that had colleagues from across the business sharing their commitment to gender equality. The group have run an annual survey exploring the barriers and enablers to female progression within our organisation. In 2019/20 the survey helped us focus our activities and yielded several impactful initiatives including the beginning of a partnership with our recruitment team to develop materials and communications that help clarify paths to promotion across our business.

LNUK International Group

International Group

The International Group’s mission is as simple as it is aspirational: to bring together people from various backgrounds to share, promote and understand diverse experiences.

This group owns and delivers a regular Cultural Awareness workshop, and during 2020, offers a series of language taster sessions, giving colleagues an opportunity to see the world from other perspectives.

Race Equality at LexisNexis (REAL)

Race Equality at LexisNexis (REAL)

Through thought leadership, strategic change, and engaging events, Race Equality at LexisNexis (REAL) aims to drive an inclusive culture across our organisation.

This group launched in 2020 in the wake of the murder of George Floyd and the succeeding global focus on systemic racism. Since then the group have launched a series of ‘REAL Talks’ on topics such as Cultural appropriation, Racism and mental health, and Bias in the legal system. These discussion events sat alongside a rich schedule of informative emails and fascinating events for Black History Month.

LNUK Enabled

LNUK Enabled

LNUK Enabled was established to be a force for positive change for people living with disabilities at LNUK.

Also launched in 2020, LNUK Enabled is partnering with HR colleagues to improve our Disability Confidence, as well as increase awareness and understanding of issues faced by disabled people at work. As part of a global group, they have already delivered some thought-provoking webinars, including an inaugural event at which Lord Chris Holmes shared his perspectives on inclusion by design and held a Q&A with staff.

In 2020 we:

  • Launched a reverse mentoring scheme for all members of our Senior Leadership Team, offering them access to the perspectives of employees from different walks of life. Employees who are part of the programme have found that the experience demystifies the people, priorities and thought processes of the SLT, sharpened some of their communication and influencing skills, and offered some informal mentoring too

  • Launched an Allyship programme which provides colleagues with a rigorous understanding of the import and impact of allyship, the fact that every one of us can be allies, and gets them started on their allyship journey

  • Introduced a package of support for our employee resource groups. Though they are employee-led and rely on the enthusiasm of volunteer from our staff-body, it’s important to recognise the importance and value in the work they do. Our support package includes executive sponsorship, funding, and KPO recognition for group leads

  • As a group, our ERGs took what in previous years was a survey to understand the barriers and enablers to progression for women at LNUK and evolved it into a broader Equality survey. Data from this survey informs our organisational and ERG 2021 I&D action plans

  • Further iterated ‘Real Models’, a series of communications which has now been running for two years, in which we showcase individual colleagues. Each issue gives one individual the opportunity to share insight into what they do, how this impacts their daily rhythms, the path they took to get to where they are, and what motivates them. This communication series is always well received and additional questions were added to reinforce psychological safety as a core element of our culture – we now ask colleagues to share a mistake they made, and a transferrable skill they hadn’t expected would be useful in their current role.

Initiatives coming in 2021/22:

Our plans for this year include the following initiatives:

  • Focus recruitment to ensure that gender and ethnicity representation of our new hire cohort is representative of the talent pool in the market

  • Increase visibility of paths to promotion, available roles and guidance on how to make the most of our career development processes

  • Introduce inclusive interview training and certification for all hiring managers

  • Launch a new cohort of our Reverse Mentoring programme

  • Promote and drive engagement with our Allyship programme

  • Launch and drive engagement with our Mentoring programme

  • Compulsory unconscious bias training for all employees

  • Promote Psychological Safety training for teams across our business

  • Review our policies through an Inclusion and Diversity lens, in partnership with our various I&D employee resource groups.

Training and reward

We launched our new Enabling Performance approach to personal development in 2020 which reviews skills and performance and identifies opportunities for recognition and advancement. The approach favours more regular and impactful performance, development and career conversations for all employees.

In 2020, we invested around $11m in training to develop the capabilities and future potential of our people. For the year, we calculated a total of approximately 474,800 training hours across the company, including hours spent on our online learning platforms. We have invested in leading digital learning for all employees to support their personal and professional development.

We operate a number of different stock programmes for employees including options, restricted stock and performance stock units. For senior colleagues, these are based on annual allocations of stock – the vesting of which may be related to company performance or service-based.

We also offer all-employee stock programmes in which employees may choose to join in certain markets, for example Sharesave in the UK. These incentive programmes are available to approximately 20% of our employees. Targets associated with CR performance are embedded within our annual incentive framework to progress our annual and multi-year CR objectives.

Support and recognition

We offer employee assistance programmes to all our employees, providing professional counselling to help them and their family members with personal or work-related issues that may impact their health or wellbeing

  • Mike Walsh, CEO of LexisNexis Legal & Professional, was named one of the top ten Best CEOs for Diversity in 2020 by career website, Comparably. The business was also awarded Best Leadership Team, named one of the top three best companies for professional development and was ranked in the top ten best companies for women and diversity.

  • Within LexisNexis UK, we run a quarterly Bringing out Brilliant (BOB) award scheme. Colleagues are encouraged to share public recognition of the great work of their peers, in real time, on a dedicated internal channel. Nominees are celebrated within each department, and a selection of are chosen by department heads to receive a financial bonus, as a token of our appreciation for their contributions.

Health and safety

The importance of employee health and safety is emphasised in the RELX Code of Ethics and Business Conduct and in the RELX Health and Safety Policy. These documents commit us to providing a healthy and safe workplace for all employees, as well as safe products and services for clients.

The CEO is responsible for health and safety on behalf of the Board. Good practice is reinforced through a network of Health and Safety Champions reporting to business unit CEOs. They receive support from health and safety managers and other colleagues in the business, encompassing bimonthly calls, a Health Resources page on our intranet site HOME, and an annual Health and Safety Champions meeting.

We consult with employees globally on health and safety through staff and works councils. Adopting a risk-based approach, we have dedicated safety committees at relevant locations that meet to review safety concerns and any incidents.

We provide tailored health and safety training to employees at higher risk of injury in the workplace, including warehouse, facilities and sales staff who regularly lift or carry products.


The Covid-19 pandemic brought new challenges to the business and the wider communities in which we operate.

  • Dedicated health and well-being programmes and resources are available to employees across all business areas and we maintain a network of more than 100 Well-being Champions across RELX

  • LexisNexis UK’s programme, Thrive, marked World Mental Health Day with a week of virtual sessions on topics such as first aid, mindfulness, finances and online fitness classes. Other events included a healthy cooking competition, stress awareness month, foreign language classes and webinars on Covid-19

  • In November, we had a special focus on men’s health and well-being in celebration of Movember