The Bellwether Report Series

The LexisNexis Bellwether reports explore the issues facing the legal market, by conducting ground-breaking market research in order to offer insights and guidance, and contribute to the discourse on the future of independent law firms.

Bellwether 2020: COVID-19 and the Legal Industry


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The Bellwether Report 2019: Stress in the Legal Profession — Problematic or Inevitable?

According to market commentators, there are numerous challenges facing independent law firms today. But how are solicitors themselves coping?

Is the future Small?

With efficient working processes and better holistic practices in the workplace, is the future of the legal market going to be in small law firms?

The Good Solicitor's Skill Set

Are the human, legal, and business skills solicitors recognised as the most important ones, in fact, the most lacking in the profession?

The Luxury of Uncertainty

With so little known about the impact of Brexit, it’s understandable that independent law firms are hesitant about moving forward. But is the absence of contingency plans the best way to protect themselves and their future?

The Changing Face of Law

While many simply consider stress to be part of their job description, over three-quarters of the solicitors we spoke with think that stress and mental wellbeing are significant issues for the industry at the moment.

A dangerous allegiance to the status quo?

Are the imminent changes to the way solicitors are regulated, a risk or an opportunity to the legal profession?

The Culture Clash – Solicitor Confidence vs Client Power

The signs that the legal industry is on the cusp of major change are everywhere: client power is reverberating through the profession.

Is it the end for Partnerships?

We wanted to take the temperature of the legal industry at this pivotal moment – to find out how independent law firms were performing during this time of change, the issues of the day, what works, what doesn’t.

Pricing models: Who pays in the lawyer-client relationship?

We know that fees are an important element of a lawyer-client relationship, but what kind of pricing models are currently dominating the market in today’s rapidly-changing legal landscape?

The Race to Evolve

In today’s rapidly changing legal landscape there are unprecedented opportunities to streamline working practices and satisfy an increasingly tech-savvy and informed client-base… But will law firms answer the call to adapt and evolve, or get left behind?

The Art of Success: Why Independent Law firms are thriving

Today’s independent law firms are stealing a larger share of the market by putting quality before quantity. What is driving their success – and why are they confident about their future?

The Riddle of Perception

As the world shifts and the rules change, we explore the differing - and often conflicting - perceptions of independent lawyers.

The Age of the Client

The balance of power in the client/lawyer relationship is shifting: we explore how independent law firms and sole practitioners are responding to a new breed of client.

Brave New World

The legal landscape is evolving: uncovering the expectations, opportunities and emerging entrepreneurial spirit of independent lawyers and sole practitioners on the front line.

Survive or Thrive?

The legal landscape has changed: uncovering the concerns and expectations of independent lawyers and sole practitioners on the front line.