What is MLex?

Detailed and forensic journalism that follows probes, litigation and legislative debates.

We highlight precedent-setting stories and explain their relevance. We cover areas such as Antitrust & Competition, Data Privacy & Security and Financial Crime. Our journalists are at the cutting edge of policy debates as they develop across the globe. MLex’s exclusive content empowers you to respond quickly to changes in local and international laws.

Why do 94%* of the Top 50 Global Law firms use MLex?

*AmLaw Global List of Top 50 Firms

Manage Risk

Stay ahead of compliance

Pre-empt rule, policy and regulation change that may impact you or your clients. MLex’s reporting and intelligence give you foresight.

Unbiased insight

In-depth, unbiased and authoritative journalism allows you to be up to date with the news and legal issues that impact you and help you act on the facts.

Spot legal trends

Our global journalist network collaborates to identify and understand national and global trends in lawmaking.

Global reach

We have reporters on the ground across the globe. Our network even reaches into secretive jurisdictions; securing intelligence before anyone else.

Grow your business

Identify potential customers

Spot at-risk companies around the world who may be in need of your external counsel. Quickly get up to speed on the issues to give swift advice.

Pre-empt potential issues

Prepare your business and clients for problems and risks before anyone else. Proactively protect their reputation and minimise their exposure to risk.

Have the competitive edge

Know and understand the legislative and regulatory landscape before anyone else. Act with confidence before your competitors.

Less time researching, more time adding value

Our extensive database makes researching cases and identifying precedents easy. Customisable alerts ensure you only read relevant content.

The MLex difference

MLex’s approach is unique in the industry.

Dedicated specialist journalists

Our journalists are experts in their field with networks that take decades to build. This is why MLex gets more exclusives and more insightful commentary than anyone else.

A forensic approach

We leave no stone unturned. We doggedly follow probes, litigation, public events and debates—offering customers comprehensive coverage. This way, we flag and explain small cases that may set industry-changing precedents.

We have no agenda

We cover any story that is newsworthy. Everything is produced in-house ensuring impeccable standards of insight and impartiality.

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