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Over the past 200 years, LexisNexis has taken the lead in providing legal practitioners with all the resources they need to get them through their working day. Today we provide the UK’s largest research library and a first class practical guidance service, with time-saving tools, business support and horizon scanning – helping law firms and organisations of all shapes and sizes work more productively and advise with confidence in an ever-changing environment.

With the help of panels of experts drawn from leading Scottish law firms, advocates and key Scottish bodies, LexisNexis teams source, research and analyse the latest legal developments in Scotland. Our content includes the renowned Laws of Scotland: Stair Memorial Encyclopaedia, the only comprehensive and authoritative narrative treatment of the law of Scotland and the cornerstone of the Scottish practitioner’s law library.


We can help you and your firm in a number of ways:

Efficiency is key to your firms growth

Legal practitioners are under increasing pressure to reduce costs, spend less time on research and boost productivity without compromising quality. Reduce the time it takes to research client questions. Check how Lexis®PSL can speed up all aspects of your legal work.

Streamline your work without increasing risk

With Lexis®Draft you can quickly identify and resolve issues with defined terms whilst providing access to precedents and clauses. Ensure accuracy, consistency and completeness across your documents.

Answer your clients’ questions faster

Easily search the UK’s largest legal database across legislation, cases, commentary, forms and precedents, and exclusive content from established names and brands.

Retain your talent

When operating within a highly competitive market, keeping hold of your high performing legal talent can be a difficult but essential task. Our tools, platforms and content include simple guides and free onboarding so you can confidently delegate new tasks and retain valuable members of your team.
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Expert tools for knowledge experts

Discover time-saving tools and expert practical guidance that help you grow while delivering a shedload of added value to clients.

Practice area specific expert guidance

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Key Scottish Law Titles


Our Scottish Law collection provides you with access to some of the best commentary title

The Laws of Scotland: Stair Memorial Encyclopaedia

The only comprehensive and authoritative narrative treatment of the law of Scotland.

Butterworths Scottish Family Law

The leading loose-leaf reference work on all aspects of Scots law as it affects married and unmarried partners and children.

The Scottish Law Directory

The most widely used source for anyone seeking information about legal services in Scotland.

More Scottish titles from Bloomsbury Professional and Tax Planning and Company titles from Tolley are also available on LexisLibrary. Find out more.

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