“The Stair Memorial Encyclopedia provides a thorough covarage of Scots law and is a unique and invaluabe resource for any Scots law library. It acts as a great starting point for any legal research as well as an authoritative statement of the law.”

John McKenzie
Chief Executive, Royal Faculty of Procurators Glasgow

“The Laws of Scotland on LexisLibrary is a valuable 21st century resource for Scottish lawyers.”

Rory McPherson
Thompsons Solicitors Glasgow

Why Use LexisLibrary for Scots law?

Exclusive Scottish content

The Stair Memorial Encyclopaedia provides the only comprehensive and authoritative narrative treatment of the law of Scotland. Written by leading lawyers and kept up to date weekly by a team of legal editors, the work is the most authoritative and up to date encyclopaedia of Scots Law available, ranking among that select group of publications cited with approval before the courts.

Scottish cases and legislation

LexisLibrary provides you also with all UK and Scottish Parliament Acts and SIs as well as key pre-devolution legislation in an up to date and consolidated form. Scottish case law is provided by the Session Cases dating back to 1821, the Scottish Civil Law Reports, the Scottish Criminal Case Reports, LexisNexis Scottish Digests and Scottish Opinions.

Scots law commentaries

Scots law commentaries include a collection of leading Scots law texts from Bloomsbury Professional and popular Tax Planning and Company titles from Tolley, each written by leaders in the field, such as McDonald’s Conveyancing Manual, Walker and Walker’s The Law of Evidence and MacQueen and Thomson’s Contract Law in Scotland.

Answer your clients’ questions faster

With LexisLibrary you have access to the UK’s largest collection of legal research. Alongside exclusive content you can search across legislation, cases, commentary plus forms and precedents.

No more fighting over shared resources.

You no longer need to share precious volumes with your colleagues. Anyone in your firm can access the same information simultaneously, simply by logging in to the cloud-based resource.

Rapidly locate relevant resources in your specialist area

Research is easy for all levels of experience, with guided introductions, commentary and annotations across practice areas plus a personalised bookshelf enabling you to access your specialised content quicker.

Support when you need it

Access online support and time-saving resources including videos, user guides and top tips at any time, with additional specialist support available if required.

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