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    Latest LexisNexis Middle East publication launched: 'The Gulf Cooperation Council: Institutions, Laws, Policies and External Relations' by Dr. Pasquale Borea

    Deepen your knowledge of the institutions, policies, and external relations of the Gulf Cooperation Council with Dr. Pasquale Borea’s latest work, which aims to develop the understanding of the GCC among the academic community, students, and practitioners. This book discusses:

    • the history & the evolution of the GCC;
    • the aspirations of the GCC unified economic agreement (monetary and customs union);
    • how the GCC can learn from the Brexit experience;
    • the impact of the GCC VAT agreement on the individual member states; and
    • GCC foreign policy with a focus on trade.

    Key Updates:

    This book hopes to contribute to deepening knowledge about the Gulf Cooperation Council for the academic community as well as students and practitioners. It also aims at providing invaluable analysis of the legal framework in which institutions, policies and external relations of the organization are placed and to suggest various reforms for one of the most unique sub-regional organizations on the international stage. The resulting enhanced understanding of the GCC will be invaluable for practitioners and researchers alike.

    Source: The Gulf Cooperation Council: Institutions, Laws, Policies and External Relations

    LexisNexis and Sader Publishing Launch the First Trilingual French Civil Code

    It is by joining forces that LexisNexis, leading legal publisher in France and around the world, and Sader Publishing, the oldest and most prestigious legal publisher in the Arab world, have successfully published a trilingual version (French - English - Arabic) of the French Civil Code.

    Key Updates:

    More than 200 years after its first edition, the Civil Code continues to have a global reach. It remains the point of reference for many codified and non-codified texts around the world.

    To make sure that language is no barrier, LexisNexis and Sader Publishing have taken the initiative to combine in one book, an English and Arabic translation of the entire French Civil Code in order to make the concepts accessible to as many people as possible – especially common law trained lawyers. Each section of the Civil Code is preceded by an explanatory note, written by a renowned professor.

    This Code is part of LexisNexis' desire to share the civil law tradition with lawyers from around the world and contribute to advancing the Rule of Law globally.

    Why this title?

    This trilingual publication is unique and therefore, has no equivalent on the market.

    Source: French Civil Code