What is Lexis Track?

Lexis Track consolidates access to multiple news sources

Finding relevant news and working out what to do about it takes time and effort. Lexis Track consolidates access to multiple news sources as well as relevant legal development to present the news stories that are most relevant to lawyers.

Why use Lexis Track?

Centralised news hub

All news and legal development brought together in one portal outside your inbox.

Provider and product agnostic

Get the news and insights needed to advise clients–web sources and your current subscriptions can be disseminated through Lexis Track.

Avoid knowledge gaps

It’s easy to miss update emails. Lexis Track’s searchable portal puts critical news and analysis at your fingertips.

Cut through the noise

Curated by the people who understand you best. Knowledge Managers can filter content so you only see what’s appropriate to you.

Topics that matter

Organise news and insights by topic. Read only what is relevant so that you can quickly act and propose solutions.

The Lexis Track Difference

Customised to your business needs

Detailed customization of content with complete control over which materials to combine and surface in bespoke visual combinations.

Put the Knowledge Manager in control

Amplifies librarians’ knowledge of the information needs of their colleagues by allowing them to use their insight to best deliver the right content in the right mix.

Dedicated customer support

We offer free onboarding and 24/7 customer support. Contact us to learn more about the types of support available to you throughout the lifetime of our partnership with you.

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