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New Law Journal provides you with considered commentary on professional practice in civil litigation, alternative dispute resolution (ADR), litigation trends, costs budgeting, case management & the implications & challenges of a post Brexit legal world. Armed with expert opinion, you'll be able to advise clients more accurately, better prepare your cases, and stay ahead of the competition.

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New Law Journal’s contributors are senior specialists in areas such as litigation and dispute resolution. So you can be confident that what you’re reading adds value to your working practices.

Navigate a dynamic, challenging legal landscape

New Law Journal helps practitioners, clients, consumers and suppliers navigate and understand an ever-changing and challenging civil justice and post-Brexit legal landscape.

Stay up to date with civil litigation

When facing mounting legal costs, clients want to know there’s a good chance of positive outcomes. Rely on New Law Journal for expert commentary on the latest changes and cases

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In addition to weekly journal deliveries, subscribers benefit from regular online updates, e-newsletters, and online access to our searchable archive of New Law Journal news and articles.

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