What is Context Expert Analytics?

The UK’s largest AI‐driven database of experts.

Don’t just find experts. Find experts who win. Clever AI shows you at a glance which expert makes the biggest impact. Summarising judge commentary with sentiment analysis and case results allows you to make a data‐based decision on who to shortlist.

Why use Context Expert Analytics?

Save time

See exactly what experts have said

Quickly find and read expert testimony from the courtroom. Easily scan judge commentary and AI generated sentiment for a full view of the expert’s impact.

Quickly find the right expert

Efficiently search the UK’s largest AI‐driven database of experts fused with 50 years of case law history. No matter the subject — there is an expert.

Share knowledge

Safely share notes across your team in accordance with data protection best practice. Easily know who instructed which expert and collate feedback on success.

Reduce risk

Reduce risk of manual vetting

Complete due diligence on the expert you wish to instruct. Know what they have said, if they contributed to a win and what judges thought of them.

Use the most up‐to‐date information

Our database is updated within 24 hours of the case being available in Lexis Library, so you can always be sure that you are using the most up‐to‐date information in your decision making.

Every speciality is covered

Don’t rely on generalists. Find an expert who is a respected specialist in your area.

The Context Expert Analytics difference

Just having a database of experts isn’t enough. Context Expert Analytics gives you the intelligence and data you need to make an informed decision.

A database with a difference

There is no other database that offers instant access to a list of experts with analytics on the hiring party, outcome and judges’ sentiment on their opinion.

Smart ranking of experts

Rank suitable experts by topic expertise and, with cutting edge analytics, by the comments given by a Judge.

Check their academic credentials

Automatically harness the breadth of Elsevier’s academic journal database to validate the expertise of your expert and see what they have written and where they have been referenced.

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