eBook FAQs

Stay ahead of the game with LexisNexis eBooks, a brand new format designed to help you access the information you need, when you need it, wherever you are.

Available across multiple platforms—from laptops to smart phones to eReaders, eBooks have highlighting and annotation functionality that can be saved and synchronised.


About eBooks

An eBook (short for ‘electronic book’) is a digital version of a traditional print book. LexisNexis eBooks can be read on a variety of devices. These devices include:

  • Personal computers, both PC and Mac® via eReader software programmes
  • Smartphones like Apple® iPhone®
  • Tablets like Apple® iPad®

The LexisNexis eBook experience requires two elements: the LexisNexis eBook file itself and a software programme or eReader device that can display that file. LexisNexis offers its eBooks in the most commonly used file format: ePub.

Reading functionality—your ability to search, highlight or take notes for instance, depends on the device and eReader software, not the eBook. Refer to your device and software documentation for more details.

Purchase LexisNexis eBooks

  1. Select the LexisNexis eBook publication of your choice.
  2. Click Buy Now.
  3. If you would like to buy other LexisNexis eBooks, click Continue Shopping.
  4. When you’ve completed your shopping, click on the Shopping Basket in the top right of the screen.
  5. Complete the required payment and billing information and make your purchase.
  6. You will receive a purchase confirmation by email confirming your purchase. Your eBook(s) is then fulfilled by the system and you will receive an email notification once the eBook(s) become available for download. Please note that this can take up to 48hrs to process.

Unfortunately, LexisNexis eBooks are not returnable.

Once your secure payment has been authorised (which typically takes a few seconds), your eBook purchase will be fulfilled through our system and you will receive an email notification once the eBook(s) become available for download. Please note that this can take up to 48hrs to process.

Your hard copy order will be processed by our Customer Services team, and your order will be dispatched shortly thereafter, usually within three to five working days but will depend on your location.

Download my eBook

Regardless of what device you will use to read your eBook, we recommend you download it first to your computer and then upload it to your device.

  1. Click on the link in your email or enter it in your Web browser.
  2. Click Download and then Save the file to My Computer/My Documents/My eBooks when prompted.
  3. Once your eBook file has been downloaded to your computer, navigate to My Computer/My Documents/My eBooks and locate the saved file.
  4. If reading the LexisNexis eBook on a device such as an Apple® iPad® you will need to synch your device to your desktop to access the eBook files. If reading on the desktop, launch your eReader and navigate to the eBook files to add them to your virtual bookshelf.

Your eBook is available immediately after your purchase via the emailed download link and is available on your Downloads page for 30 days from the date of purchase. We advise you to make reasonable backup copies as necessary for your personal use (within the terms of your licence).

Once you’ve purchased an eBook, you can gain access as many times as you like. Your license to download an eBook from the LexisNexis download centre, however, covers five downloads per title.

No. LexisNexis eBooks as copyright works cannot be shared. LexisNexis eBooks are electronic publications licensed for your personal use only. If you would like to purchase a multiple-user licence, please contact your Account Manager or our Customer Service Department.

eBooks bought directly from LexisNexis are not restricted with ‘hard DRM’ i.e. they are not time-bombed (the book does not become inactive after a period of time). You can copy and paste and print for your reasonable personal use insofar as copyright law and your licence from us permits. Our eBooks feature ‘social DRM’ which enables us to track licence and copyright violations without inhibiting the users’ experience of the eBook.

LexisNexis eBooks are not updated automatically. Your purchase of an eBook entitles you to a download which is available offline; it is therefore physically impossible for LexisNexis to push updates out to the eBook. One benefit of this is that you can keep a library of old editions, e.g. statutory handbooks.

We will email you when the new edition of your eBook is available so that you can update your library by buying the new edition.

You are now ready to upload your ebook to your device as per the manufacturer’s instructions.


Check your Internet Options to make sure that Cookies and JavaScript are enabled and add https://www.lexisnexis.co.uk/ebooksfaq as a trusted site under Tools/Internet Options, within your browser. You may need to contact your IT support/helpdesk if this does not resolve the issue. If you still cannot complete your order or download, please contact us.

You can generate a new unique link to your purchased ebooks here.

Occasionally tables display incorrectly because the font size for display that you’ve selected is too big. Try making the font size smaller.

Yes, but only within the terms of copyright law and your licence (i.e. not substantial amounts and only for your reasonable, personal use).

Currently there is no ‘page fidelity’ between the hard copy book and the eBook version. This is something the industry as a whole is grappling with and eBook reader manufacturers and application developers are, we understand, investigating ways to resolve this. However, LexisNexis titles are navigable by paragraph number, which will usually replicate the hard copy. This, together with detailed table of contents and index, as well as keyword search, should remedy the lack of consistent page numbering.

When you download an eBook, it’s typically placed in My Library, My Downloads or in My eBooks (all of which are found in My Computer/My Documents…). You can usually find your eBooks by browsing to My Documents, then opening the applicable folder. LexisNexis epub files contain the unique ISBN in the file name, so you can easily search your hard drive using the eBook ISBN number (find this on the LexisNexis eBooks home page LexisNexis eBooks home page).

In some instances, your firewall/virus software may block your ability to download the eReader software. Since the download uses ‘pop-up’ technology, be sure that pop-ups are not blocked and that you aren’t using any type of internet ‘accelerator’. If you are still having trouble you may need to speak to your helpdesk or IT support to customise your firewall settings.

External links in your eBook in Adobe Digital Editions for Mac are only supported by the Safari browser. You will need to make Safari your default browser or alternatively copy/paste any links you wish to access into your browser address.

  • You are entitled to five downloads from your Downloads page – if you have used all five downloads, we cannot supply further downloads.
  • You have 30 days in which to download your eBooks – if you have not downloaded your eBooks within this period, we are unable to supply further downloads.

If the link is not displaying for any other reason, please contact us.