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    10th Edition of Boyle and Birds’ Company Law publishes on Lexis Library

    The 10th Edition has published. Boyle & Birds' Company Law is a well-established leading textbook based on Gore-Browne on Companies. It combines a comprehensive and authoritative exploration of law and practice with an examination of the theoretical issues.

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    Linking footnotes in Simon’s and De Voil

    In our two leading tax titles, Simon’s Taxes and De Voil Indirect Tax Service, all commentary footnotes are now clickable links.

    Why is this important to our customers?

    Customers no longer have to scroll down to the bottom of the page to read a relevant footnote; they can click on the footnote number instead to take them to the footnotes block. This will make it quicker to access the footnotes, which contain key references to legislation and case law.


    Volume 22(4) LANDLORD AND TENANT (BUSINESS TENANCIES) (2019) takes full account of the major legislative and case law changes in this area

    Volume 22(4) LANDLORD AND TENANT (BUSINESS TENANCIES) (2019) concludes the process of revising and updating forms and precedents to reflect the legislative and judicial developments and changes in practice that have taken place since the publication of volumes 22(2)A, 22(2)B, 22(3)A, 22(3)B and 22(4) (2009–2012 Reissues) in connection with the letting and occupation of business premises.

    The volume contains a variety of conditional and unconditional agreements for lease covering all the circumstances that the practitioner will commonly come across. Specimen forms of option and pre-emption agreements are also included.

    Why is this important to our customers?

    There is a substantial section relating to building agreements and related documents. These include conditional and unconditional agreements for lease, and agreements for use in circumstances where the landlord and/or the tenant are to carry out the works concerned. A precedent building lease and a form of lease to be granted pursuant to an antecedent building agreement are also included, as are various forms of supplemental deeds and collateral warranties.

    The volume concludes with a section of forms relating to Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 exclusion and to receipts and acknowledgments.

    All forms are drafted so as to strike a reasonably fair balance between the interests of the landlord and of the tenant, although issues that may be of particular concern to one party or the other are highlighted where appropriate with practical guidance as to how they may best be resolved. Practical guidance is also provided, where appropriate, in relation to the impact of issues such as land registration and Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 exclusion.

    The legislative changes and developments in case law are also included.

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