Citation Checking

Review legal citations in your documents or web pages automatically.

    Citation Checking is an application which sits with in Lexis Draft toolbar and automatically locates legal citations in Word, Adobe Reader & Acrobat and Web documents. Use it when drafting or reviewing documents, determining reliability of content, or monitoring client documents and knowhow for legal changes.

      Easy to understand traffic light system

      Citation Checking displays a visual indication of each citation’s status it has found using a traffic light system – taken from the extensive LexisLibrary® databases. Citation Checking automatically creates links to the full text of your citations in Lexis®Library.

      Reliable Citations

      Work faster and with minimal effort using accurate and reliable citations through Citation Checking, which uses content from the LexisLibrary.

      Improve Efficiency and Save Time

      Manage Risk
      It helps ensure that anything that is sent to clients or to court or is created for internal use (knowhow) is accurate, even if fee-earners are using free sites.

      Save Money and Increase Productivity
      Citation Checking allows your fee earners to focus on client work by giving them the reassurance that any document ‘Lexischecked’ by more junior members of their team will be fully accurate. This means that both your clients and your firm benefit from using Citation Checking: your clients save money as they are billed for a smaller number of work hours, while your fee earners are able to get through other client work, thus increasing productivity and generating higher revenue for the firm.

      Access point to Cases and Legislation for Accurate Research
      As well as providing a quick way of checking documents, Citation Checking is a simple way of linking to core content within LexisLibrary from Word, by simply typing in a reference (a word, a case), and hitting the Citation Checking toolbar. Extremely useful for trainees as a quick access point to cases and legislation, the link feature also works directly from within your PDF or web content.

      Best Practice
      With fee earners under so much pressure to concentrate on clients’ tasks, sparing time to train junior lawyers or trainees can be a real challenge. Citation Checking helps ensure that junior lawyers build an awareness of the importance of checking the accuracy and reliability of content, especially web content.

      Focus on Profitable Work and Maximise Firm Resources
      With Citation Checking, your fee earners can delegate some of the background work to more junior lawyers.

      How Can I Be Sure Information Is Up-To-Date?
      Citation Checking uses information from the Lexis Library, which is continually updated with the latest legislation, cases and amendments.

      How Will It Save Time?
      Checking law and citations can be very time-consuming so using the Citation Checking does all the hard work for you, with the ability to check any web content.

      How Do I Receive More Information?
      For more information on how LexisDraft can help your firm work faster and more efficiently, Simply complete the form on this page and one of our team will get in touch.

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