The authoritative source on the laws of England and Wales

Halsbury’s Laws of England provides the only comprehensive narrative statement of the law of England and Wales, containing law derived from every source. Unique to LexisNexis, it provides a trusted encyclopaedic source to answer questions across all areas of law – available in print and online, via Lexis®Library.

Ground your advice in authority – whatever the subject

Halsbury’s Laws covers everything from the fundamental to the highly complex. Even in niche and esoteric areas, it has the answer.

Access a wealth of expert knowledge and experience

The culmination of over 100 years of experience, Halsbury’s Laws titles are written by or in consultation with leading lawyers – both practitioners and academics – ensuring the highest quality and dependability.

Have confidence your law is up to date

Halsbury’s Laws online is updated weekly to reflect the latest legal developments, cases and legislation. Each paragraph includes notes detailing legal changes, so you don’t have to check anywhere else.

Easy to use – saving you research time

Find the content you need, quickly and conveniently. Organised by subject area, you can browse titles, consult the index or use search phrases across all of Halsbury’s Laws online.

Frequently cited in court, recognised across the industry.

The Official Law Reports published by the ICLR contain over 1,700 citations of Halsbury’s Laws in judgements or submissions to court. It is the industry standard.

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