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Legal research and guidance certifications

Help your students master the art of legal research

Firms expect trainees to be fully competent in legal research and confident in navigating online legal information sources. Students can take the free Lexis®Library certifications to prove that they possess the skills that employers are looking for. Both foundation and advanced certifications are available, covering either the law of England and Wales or the law of Scotland.

Help your students prove their expertise to future employers

Lexis®PSL contains offers practice notes, precedents, forms and current awareness alerts across 35 practice areas, and is used by 88 out of 100 top law firms for their practical guidance. Students can take the LexisPSL certification to gain a competitive edge in their vacation scheme and job applications.

Access help and support for LexisNexis products

Discover our clear and concise how-to guides with tips and tricks for library users getting started with LexisNexis products, including a Lexis®Library training guide developed specifically for academic users.

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