About LexisNexis - Corporate Responsibility

Greater Dayton Volunteer Lawyers Project

LexisNexis®, through its Pro Bono Initiative, encourages its employees to participate in selected pro bono activities in their local and global communities that appropriately align with their interests, skills, qualifications and licensure requirements.

On a local level, LexisNexis® employees who live and work near our US head office in Dayton, Ohio are encouraged to volunteer their time to the Volunteer Lawyers Project. The VLP provides legal assistance to low income individuals in the Montgomery County region of Ohio in the areas of divorce, custody, consumer issues, guardianship and Chapter 7 bankruptcy. In addition to engaging in legal work, LexisNexis® also has VLP board representation and is exploring other ways to assist the Greater Dayton Volunteer Lawyers Program (VLP).

Over the past 18 years, lawyers have donated more than $9.5 million in billable hours (64,575 hours of time) in support of VLP activities.