Research and analyse patent data and protect intellectual property quickly and easily with the world’s largest collection of searchable full-text and bibliographic patent databases, including images, citations, legal status, and patent family collections.

    • 100 Patent Authorities-32 in Full Text
    • Search in Original Language and in English
    • Search Asian collections in English Full Text
    • Use Semantic Search to explore freely
    • Jump to PatentOptimizer to dive into the documents
    • Understand competitors and acquisition targets through alerts
    • Analyse your research results quickly and easily

      • 100 Patent Authorities-32 in Full Text

      Gain access to more full-text patent resources than any other provider, representing the major patent authorities in the world, plus bibliographic information from 68 additional authorities.

      • Search in Original Language and in English

      Choose to search either in the language in which the patent was originally published or in machine-translated English from German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian and Taiwanese.

      • Over 70  Million Compressed, Multi-Page, Searchable PDFs

      Search and highlight items within the PDF and copy and paste text from the PDF to other applications.

      • Easy Access to Related Sources & Tools

      Link directly from TotalPatent® to relevant resources including Chisum on Patents, CourtLink®, PatentOptimizer®, Scopus®, Patent Research Task Pages and more.

      • Deepest Archive

      Dig deeper and go back further than you can with any other provider. Research U.S. patents back to 1790, and many non-U.S. patents back to the 1800s.

      • Normalised assignee names

      Use the standardised and normalised assignee names to make your analysis much easier and more reliable. Since you will need to spend less effort cleaning your data, you will be less likely to miss information due to different name variations.

      • Multiple Search Options

      Choose from Guided, Advanced, Semantic, Notes, and Publication search forms. Plus create powerful and precise searches from a wide range of searchable fields with a choice of operators and wildcards.

      • Analytics Tools

      Create graphical maps and bar charts online, compare and analyse search results, and do offline analysis of results with 3D graphs and charts.

      • Dedicated IP Customer Support

      Access an IP team that stands ready to answer all your specific TotalPatent®questions and make sure you are able to optimize your experience.

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