LexisNexis for Barristers

Lexis Note

Access and annotate your trusted books and looseleafs on the go, 24/7.

Designed for barristers, the Lexis Note app provides you with access to your books and looseleafs on your iPad, laptop and PC. With automatic updating of new content as well as advanced referencing and highlighting tools, the information you trust and rely on will be at your fingertips when and where you need it most. Simply download the app and your titles will appear when published.

  • Lexis Note is the only app in the market that is optimised for both books and looseleafs.
  • Advise your clients with confidence with the most up-to-date legal book and looseleaf content available.
  • Access these key legal texts anywhere, even when you are offline.
  • Increase your productivity thanks to our superior user experience which allows you to quickly locate relevant passages and to personalise your content via annotations, notes, bookmarks and highlights.
  • Save time spent leafing through papers and manually updating your looseleafs thanks to our automatic updates of your material.

Benefits to you

You will no longer need to carry heavy titles from your Chambers to your home or the courtroom. With Lexis Note you will be able to effortlessly carry your book and looseleaf library wherever you need to go, on mobile devices such as your iPad or laptop.

Accessible at all times
We understand that you work beyond the 9-5 and with convenient offline access, this means that you can view your book or looseleaf content in a digital format 24/7 wherever you are, without having to depend on an internet connection to carry out your legal research.

Notes and annotations are part of a barrister’s research method. Lexis Note allows you to quickly and effortlessly add notes and annotations like you would in the printed copy. These notes and annotations will be automatically copied to an updated version of a title when you download the latest version. You can also highlight, bookmark, search, copy and paste text in your digital book or looseleaf collection, all from your iPad or Windows desktop or laptop.

Your book and looseleaf titles are updated automatically via our content delivery system as soon as you go online so you can be confident your books or looseleafs are up-to-date. Your personal notes and annotations will also be synced across all your devices when you go online.

Reliable and secure
Lexis Note regularly updates content and saves your annotations to our server (the Cloud) so you can be confident you are providing clients with the most up-to-date legal knowledge and information available.

Download Lexis Note on your desktop or laptopDownload Lexis Note on your iPad