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We have created a series of newsletters to provide you with a range of timely and topical information written by our leading experts. They are designed to allow you to stay up-to-date in a quick and efficient way, browse the content below using the provided links.



Key Immigration cases July to December 2017
Adam Pipe, Produced in partnership with No 8 Chambers


CPR changes October 2017
The 92nd update to the Civil Procedure Rules with The Civil Procedure (Amendment) Rules 2017

Courting Change – the Future is Now
This report considers the digitisation of the courts in the UK, provides an overview of what other jurisdictions have done and suggests how barristers can adapt to the changing nature of the courts.

Launch of the Business and Property Courts of England and Wales
A guide to the new Business and Property Courts in Birmingham, their significance, contact details and an excerpt from the LexisPSL practice note on where to start a claim.

CPR changes February to April 2017
The Civil Procedure Rules have been released setting out the CPR changes that will come into force.

The gig economy
This report considers the gig economy from an employment perspective: what it is and how it affects your clients.


CPR changes-June to October 2016
In force on 17 June 2016-Part 8 claims and evidence

Briggs Review - Final Report
Lord Justice Briggs published his Final Report on the Civil Courts Structure Review on 27 July 2016.

Future Bar Training options
On 7 July 2016, the Bar Council hosted The Future Bar Training Debate at the Holborn Bars.

The Future at the Bar: Forward Thinking
With a firm eye on the future, we have compiled a report on five of the top most relevant developments for the Bar.

Briggs Report
Briggs Report on civil courts structure recommends the creation of lawyer-free Online Court.

Smart investments
Dr Marc K Peter explains how mid-sized law firms can use technology to succeed in a challenging marketplace.