LexisNexis launches COVID-19 webinar series

LexisNexis launches COVID-19 webinar series


LexisNexis has recently launched a new series of webinars looking at the legal issues thrown up by the pandemic, the legislation that has been introduced to combat it and the skills that lawyers need to develop to adapt to a landscape that has dramatically altered.

In the first of these, commercial law specialists Fiona Teague and Jonathan Smart of Shoosmiths discuss the million-dollar question: where and when is COVID-19 a force majeure event? Topics covered include:

  • Supplier invoicing and customer payments
  • What if there is no force majeure clause in the contract?
  • Future proofing your force majeure clauses
  • Common pitfalls and pragmatic approaches to what comes next.



View the webinar

Further details regarding this webinar series and how to subscribe can be found here or email webinars@lexisnexis.co.uk


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Stephen has 25 years’ experience in the legal information and training business and, prior to joining LexisNexis in November 2014, launched a range of e-learning solutions for the Law Society. His arrival coincides with a period of transformation in the regulation of legal CPD and   he is excited at the prospect of ensuring that LexisNexis’ professional learning portfolio develops to meet practitioners’ changing needs.