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ISBN/ISSN: 9780406998163
Publisher: LNUK

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Why you should buy Hill and Redman's Law of Landlord and Tenant

Hill and Redman's Law of Landlord and Tenant is well-established as the leading practitioner work on landlord and tenant law. It is the comprehensive reference source on this area and covers everything from general common law rules to business tenancies and from private and public sector housing to agricultural tenancies.

The information is logically divided into eight divisions, each containing narrative guidance, statutes (with annotations) and statutory instruments.

The seventh division contains a comprehensive selection of precedents and addresses, in detail, the key issues involved in the drafting of leases.

Recent important developments are fully incorporated into the work through regular service issues.

Offering authoritative guidance from specialist authors, it ensures that the busy practitioner keeps abreast of changes in the law and is able to give informed and reliable advice to clients.

Six looseleaf volumes, five service issues approximately per year (invoiced separately on publication).


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Table of contents


Division A: General Law; The relationship of landlord and tenant; Leases and agreements for leases; Demised premises; Assignment and devolution of leases; Restrictions upon dealing with leases; Rent; Rent reviews; Distress; Rights and liabilities of the parties;The maintenance of the physical condition and management of the demised premises; Statutory regulation in respect of service charges, administration charges and the management of residential premises; Effect of insolvency or receivership; Options; Determination of the tenancy; Possession; Value added tax; Stamp Duty; Statutory materials; General Law precedents
Division B: Business Tenancies. Narrative introduction; Statutes; Statutory instruments;
Division C: Private Sector Residential Tenancies; Introductory note; Statutes; Statutory instruments; Private Sector Residential Tenancies precedents
Division D: Public Sector Residential Tenancies; Introductory note; Statutes. Statutory instruments;
Division E: Long Leases; Introductory note; Statutes; Statutory instruments; Long Leases precedents
Division F: Agricultural Tenancies; Introductory note; Statutes; Statutory instruments; European materials; Precedents relating to agricultural tenancies;
Division G: General Precedents; Introduction; Lease of Whole, Lease clause - Landlord's Insurance Provisions; Lease - Short form; Licence to Assign (New Tenancy); Licence to Underlet; Licence for Alterations;
Division H: Commonhold; Nature of Commonhold; Registration; The two types of registration; The commonhold unit and unit holders; The common parts of a Commonhold; The Commonhold community statement; The Commonhold association; The operation of a Commonhold; Termination: Voluntary winding up; Termination: Winding up by the court; Miscellaneous provisions as to termination; Miscellaneous provisions; General provisions; Statutes; Statutory Instruments;
Division I: Procedure in the civil courts, Overview of the CPR; CPR; Guides; Forms