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Tolley's Guide to Employee Share Schemes Second edition

Tolley's Guide to Employee Share Schemes Second edition is written in a clear, practical style and includes worked examples and case studies throughout.
Publisher: Tolley
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Published: December 12, 2016
ISBN/ISSN: 9780754553649
Publisher: Tolley

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Why you should buy Tolley's Guide to Employee Share Schemes Second edition

With Tolley's Guide to Employee Share Schemes you can be sure you're giving the best, up-to-date guidance on implementing employee share schemes which will save money for your client.

The new edition of this title evaluates the range of employee share schemes available, looking at their processes, the statutory and regulatory requirements, HMRC's interpretation of share scheme issues and most importantly the tax benefits associated with the various schemes. You can rely on the detailed and expert guidance contained in this title to ensure you choose the most effective and tax efficient employee share scheme.

This indispensable guide is written in a clear, practical style and includes worked examples and case studies throughout.


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Table of contents


Section one: Why employee share schemes?
1. The purpose of employee share schemes
2. The concept of a tax-advantaged scheme
3. The business case for employee share schemes
4. The empirical evidence for employee share schemes
5. The Nuttall Review of employee ownership
6. Employee share scheme case studies

Section two: Current issues in employee share schemes
7. The process of scheme design
8. Underwater options and share price volatility
9. Coping with a downturn in the share price
10. Progressive communication strategies

Section three: The government tax-advantaged schemes
11. The tax-advantaged savings-related share option schemes
12. The tax-advantaged executive/company share option schemes
13. The tax-advantaged share incentive plan
14. Enterprise management incentives
15. Employee shareholder status: the ‘shares for rights’ scheme
16. The employee ownership trust
17. The review of Finance Acts 2003, 2013 and 2014 for key statutory changes to the tax-advantaged schemes

Section four: The general legislation schemes
18. The general share option scheme
19. The phantom share option scheme
20. The long-term incentive plan
21. The share purchase scheme
22. Share loan schemes
23. The growth shares model
24. The joint share ownership plan
25. The tracker shares approach
26. Subsidiary company share schemes

Section five: Employee share trusts
27. The origins of the employee share trust
28. The operation of the employee share trust
29. The employer’s responsibilities in operating employee share trusts
30. The checklist for an employee share trust
31. The employee share trust for management buy-outs
32. Tax issues for employee share trusts established by close companies
33. The diagrammatical representation of key trust principles
34. The Disguised Remuneration rules

Section six: The statutory and regulatory framework
35. Securities law
36. Financial services law
37. Insider dealing, transactions with related parties and the Model Code
38. Employment law
39. Age discrimination and the Equality Act 2010
40. Share schemes for non-employees
41. Historical position on annual report disclosure requirements
42. Directors remuneration reporting rules
43. Institutional Investor Guidelines
44. The European Prospectus Directive
45. Accounting rules
46. Treasury shares
47. Transfer pricing and recharge arrangements
48. Transactions in Securities

Section seven: mainline tax provisions
49. Pay-As-You-Earn and National Insurance contributions
50. Corporation tax relief, including deferred tax credits
51. Capital gains tax and stamp duty implications for employee share schemes
52. Share valuation for employee share schemes

Section eight: employment-related securities
53. The development of the tax legislation
54. Employment-related securities – Finance Act 2003
55. Restricted securities: Chapter 2
56. Convertible securities: Chapter 3
57. Securities with artificially depressed market value: Chapter 3A
58. Securities with artificially enhanced market value: Chapter 3B
59. Securities acquired for less than market value and notional loans: Chapter 3C
60. Securities disposed of for more than market value: Chapter 3D
61. Post-acquisition benefits from securities: Chapter 4
62. Alphabet shares
63. Shares in research institution spin-out companies: Chapter 4A
64. Earn-outs
65. Flowering shares
66. Ratchet arrangements
67. The reporting of employment-related securities

Section nine: the overseas implications
68. Overseas scheme arrangements for overseas employees
69. Internationally mobile employees
70. Tax-advantaged-employee share schemes in the USA