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Manx Law Reports Cumulative Index

Manx Law Reports Cumulative Index
Book + CD
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ISBN/ISSN: 9781405781718

Product description

Features of the Manx Law Reports:

* Each volume will contain approximately 30 full-text cases with catchwords and headnotes per volume plus approximately 10 notes (ie a summary of the judgment without the judgment attached).
* Each volume will include a CD containing a pdf of the material included in that volume.
* All cases reported are approved by the Deemsters (the Isle of Man judges).


Isle of Man courts:

* Decisions of the High Court of Justice (Civil matters)
* Decisions on points of law in Court of General Gaol Delivery (Criminal matters)
* Decisions of Staff of Government (Appeals) Division (Civil and Criminal appeals)
* Decisions of lower courts (eg Summary Court (Criminal matters)). Lower court decisions tend to be included in the MLR as 'notes', not full-text reports.

Other courts:

* Decisions of the Privy Council on appeal from Isle of Man courts
* External decisions which have direct impact on the laws of the Isle of Man (eg European Court of Justice and European Court of Human Rights)