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Published: January 01, 1991
ISBN/ISSN: 9780406048110
Publisher: LNUK

Product description

Why should you buy Harvey on Industrial Relations and Employment Law

This is the complete compendium of industrial relations and employment law and practice in six binders. It analyses the law, clarifies obscure passages and points of difficulty and fills in the practical background. The texts of all the relevant statutes and statutory instruments are set out in full, with detailed annotations. A comprehensive division of precedents completes this work.

A new chapter on the Modern Slavery Act 2015 is included in the title.

Harvey is available online and on CD-ROM as part of the Butterworths Employment Law Service. There are seven service issues a year and a monthly online bulletin.


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Table of contents

Division AI: Categories of Worker
Division AII: Contract of Employment
Division BI: Pay
Division BII: Taxation of Employment Income
Division CI: Working Time
Division CII Time Off Work
Division CIII: Whistleblowing
Division DI: Unfair Dismissal
Division DII: Detriment
Division E: Redundancy
Division F: Transfer of Undertakings
Division G: Insolvency of Employer
Division H: Continuity of Employment etc
Division J: Family Matters
Division K: Equal Pay
Division L: Equal Opportunities
Division M: Trade Unions
Division NI: Labour Relations
Division NII: Industrial Action
Division NIII: Employee Involvement
Division PI: Practice and Procedure
Division PII: European Materials
Division Q: Statutes
Division R: Statutory Instruments
Division S: Codes of Practice and Other Materials
Division T: Directory
Division U: Precedents