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Published: January 23, 1996
ISBN/ISSN: 9780406998101
Publisher: LNUK

Product description

Why you should buy Encyclopaedia of Banking Law

The Encyclopaedia of Banking Law is an expert and comprehensive treatment of the modern English law relating to domestic and international banking.

It is the most comprehensive work on banking law, divided into 14 sections with text and materials in each subject area. It includes tables of cases and statutes, tables of contents by subject division, an invaluable subject index and also contains a full range of non-statutory materials.

Comprehensively revised and updated, the work draws together material from a wide range of sources including company law, trusts and investor protection legislation to make it the one-stop reference guide for all those involved in banking law. Division F1 focuses on Islamic Financial Institution and Islamic Finance.

Service issues expand the range of the work as current banking practice requires and give the reader a solid background to this ever-diversifying area of law.

Six looseleaf volumes, seven service issues per year (invoiced separately on publication).

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Table of contents

A. Regulation of banking
B. Banking and EU law
C. The relationship of bank and customer
D. Domestic banking operations
D1. Payment and payment systems
E. Securities
F. International banking operations
F1. Islamic Financial Institutions and Islamic Finance
F2. The Effect of Insolvency on Banking and Finance Transactions
H. Domestic banking materials
I. Securities materials
J. EU materials
K. International banking materials
L. ICC materials