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Butterworths Data Security Law & Practice

Butterworths Data Security Law & Practice is the first guide to data security law and breach action.

Publisher: LNUK
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ISBN/ISSN: 9781405744799
Publisher: LNUK

Product description

Butterworths Data Security Law & Practice is the first guide to data security law and breach action. Its focus on the security imperative makes it uniquely practical and readily usable by in-house lawyers and security specialists, and essential reading for their advisors in private practice.

As data security breaches attract greater media attention, increasing public alarm is generating pressure for tougher law and harsher regulatory responses. In the current climate, businesses, public authorities and their advisors need to ensure a solid understanding of the pitfalls and control measures. They will benefit immensely from this book's guidance on best practice garnered from years of practical experience.

The book covers the Data Handling Review and its implications for the public sector, the FSA's stance on breach notification and its ever increasing fines, as well as the ICO's guidance. It provides a detailed explanation of the implications for data controllers' breach handling strategies.

The book also benefits from specialist chapters on the public and private sectors, core materials included in the appendices, such as the Data Protection Act and essential precedents such as checklists, template breach notification letters, clauses for employment and data processor contracts and a template information and communications systems security policy.

Butterworths Data Security Law & Practice is the authoritative guide to data security law for lawyers both in-house and in private practice, data protection managers and information security specialists in businesses and consultancies, information technology, privacy, employment and data security experts working for the government or regulators.


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