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APIL Guide to Child Abuse Compensation Claims Third edition

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Published: December 18, 2020
ISBN/ISSN: 9781784734626

Product description

Why should you buy APIL Guide to Child Abuse Compensation Claims Third edition

The APIL Guide to Child Abuse Compensation Claims has been written specifically for personal injury lawyers by practitioners with direct experience of the field. It provides lawyers with all the information they need to undertake compensation claims for clients who have suffered from physical, sexual and emotional abuse.

This new edition has been extensively revised and rewritten to include:

  • new cases on aggravated damages;
  • aftermath of CN v Poole BC;
  • liability for indecent images;
  • consent as a defence;
  • new chapter on Scotland;
  • update on limitation;
  • commentary on the case of Dunn v Durham;
  • new section on lay witness evidence.

The APIL Guide to Child Abuse Claims is the definitive guide to this challenging area of the law.

Read the Meet the author interview with Richard Scorer, where he discusses his role, key legal developments covered in the new edition of APIL Guide to Child Abuse Compensation Claims, and the main pain points for practitioners undertaking this type of work and how this book can help.

Foreword to the Third Edition

Child abuse invariably not just affects lives, but it ruins lives. Lawyers can make some difference but, as this guide makes clear, any effective lawyer involved in this work needs a wider knowledge of both the law and agencies (and their duties), above and beyond standard personal injury work. The areas in which these agencies operate include adoption, fostering, care, education, social services, religion, crime; the prison system and health. A lawyer requires skills and sensitivities, and sometimes a hard faced determination, beyond that needed in the work that many of us ordinarily undertake. Read the full foreword...

Preface to the Third Edition

‘The law of vicarious liability is on the move’ said Lord Phillips in Various Claimants v Catholic Child Welfare Society and others in 2012. His lordship was not wrong, but his comments would apply equally to other aspects of the law in child abuse cases – from limitation to quantum, via liability and causation.

APIL first recognised the need for a handbook for those representing survivors of abuse in compensation claims in 2001. At that time this burgeoning sub-field of personal injury litigation seemed ripe for specific guidance and was fertile ground for new law. In 2011 there was clearly a need for a full update and a second edition. The fact that this book is now in its third edition illustrates the need for practitioners to keep up with the ever-developing jurisprudence in the area. Read the full preface...


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Table of contents

  • Foreword to Third Edition
  • Preface to Third Edition
  • Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL)
  • Table of Statutes
  • Table of Statutory Instruments
  • Table of Cases
  • Chapter 1 The Background and History of Abuse Claims
  • Chapter 2 The Statutory Framework
  • Chapter 3 Causes of Action
  • Chapter 4 Causation and Damage
  • Chapter 5 Defences
  • Chapter 6 Childhood Abuse Claims in Scotland
  • Chapter 7 Claims Against Religious Organisations
  • Chapter 8 Criminal Injuries Compensation
  • Chapter 9 Evidence
  • Chapter 10 Miscellaneous Points
  • Chapter 11 Funding and Enforcement
Read the full contents