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Rayden and Jackson on Relationship Breakdown, Finances and Children

Rayden and Jackson on Relationship Breakdown, Finances and Children focuses on the needs of the practitioner.
Publisher: LNUK
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Published: July 25, 2016
ISBN/ISSN: 9781474304788
Publisher: LNUK

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Why you should buy Rayden and Jackson on Relationship Breakdown, Finances and Children

The new edition of Rayden and Jackson focuses on the needs of the practitioner. Volume 1 deals comprehensively with the law of relationship breakdowns and the financial applications that flow from those breakdowns: the substantive law, the procedural law and inter-jurisdictional matters. The Family Procedure Rules 2010 are analysed and explored and the ever-developing case law is set out in the text. to the new loose-leaf format ensures that practitioners are kept up to date in an ever-developing area.

Volume 2 is a one-stop resource for practitioners, judges and scholars. Comprehensive, authoritative, practical and easily accessible, the Volume brings together statutes, procedural rules, case-law and analysis in self-contained sections and covers all areas of family law relating to children, including international aspects, local authority duties, appeal and costs.

Rayden and Jackson will be updated four times a year.


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Table of contents

Contents of Binders


Division A Procedure and Jurisdiction

Chapter 1 Jurisdiction of the court in England and Wales
Chapter 2 General practice and procedure in family law

Division B Marriage, Civil Partnerships and Divorce

Chapter 3 Marriage
Chapter 4 Civil partnerships
Chapter 5 Nullity
Chapter 6 Dissolution of marriage and civil partnership
Chapter 7 Practice and procedure for divorce and other dissolution
Chapter 8 Declarations as to marital status
Chapter 9 Stays and injunctions in matrimonial and other proceedings
Chapter 10 Recognition of divorces, annulments, legal separations and
dissolution of civil partnership proceedings

Division C Financial Remedies

Chapter 11 Applications and orders for financial remedies
Chapter 12 Agreements concerning finances
Chapter 13 Practice and procedure in applications for financial
Chapter 14 Orders: variation, capitalisation, backdating, remission of
arrears and repayment
Chapter 15 Bankruptcy, insolvency and financial remedies
Chapter 16 Taxation considerations
Chapter 17 Financial provision for children
Chapter 18 Child support within the statutory scheme
Chapter 19 Applications for financial relief after an overseas divorce
Chapter 20 Maintenance out of the estate: I(PFD)A 1975, including
provision for children

Division D Preservation, Enforcement and Injunctions

Chapter 21 Resolving claims to property
Chapter 22 Injunctions in aid of financial remedy proceedings
Chapter 23 Domestic enforcement of financial orders
Chapter 24 International enforcement of financial orders
Chapter 25 Committals
Chapter 26 Family homes and domestic violence
Chapter 27 Other family injunctions

Division E Appeals and Costs

Chapter 28 Financial remedy appeals in the Family Court
Chapter 29 Costs in matrimonial, financial remedy and TOLATA cases


Division F General Principles of Child Law

Chapter 30 General principles of child law
Chapter 31 Jurisdiction over children
Chapter 32 General powers, practice and evidence
Chapter 33 Parental responsibility and status

Division G Private Law

Chapter 34 Children Act 1989: private law orders: s 8 orders
Chapter 35 Children Act 1989 Private law orders: procedure
Chapter 36 Inherent jurisdiction and wardship
Chapter 37 The relocation of children

Division H Public Law

Chapter 38 Public law orders: care orders, supervision orders
Chapter 39 Public law procedure
Chapter 40 Adoption
Chapter 41 Local authority duties
Chapter 42 Special guardianship orders

Division I Enforcement

Chapter 43 Enforcement of orders
Chapter 44 Enforcement: committal and sequestration

Division J International issues

Chapter 45 International cases
Chapter 46 Cross border issues within the United Kingdom
Chapter 47 Cross border recognition and enforcement of orders
Chapter 48 International child abduction

Division K Appeals, Judicial Review and costs

Chapter 49 Appeals in children’s cases
Chapter 50 Challenging the local authority
Chapter 51 Costs in children cases