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ISBN/ISSN: 9780406998699
Publisher: LNUK

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The Legal Services Act 2007 has totally changed the way in which the supply of legal services is regulated by permitting Alternative Business Structures through which such services can be supplied, with substantial non-lawyer participation in both management and ownership. The rigid distinction between, for example, firms of solicitors and firms of licensed conveyancers will be eroded by the potential, first, for legal disciplinary partnerships comprising both kinds of professional and, second, ABSs owned by non-lawyers and employing solicitors, barristers, licensed conveyancers, legal executives and others. ABSs will also be able to offer a one-stop shop providing legal and other services, regulated and unregulated.

Those consulting Cordrey must be able to find the answer whether they are individuals concerned with matters personal to them, such as the rules of conduct related to solicitors, or whether they are the managers of ABSs exploring compliance issues affecting the business, and with a need to understand the regulatory regimes relating to lawyers from different disciplines.

Cordery on Legal Services includes all the law relating to the regulation of the supply of legal services, whatever the business model used to provide them, or the status of the individual professional or employee. As well as covering the overarching regulation provided by the Legal Services Board and the cross-professional redress system provided by the Legal Ombudsman, Cordery now includes appropriate references to all forms of regulation under the Legal Services Act 2007, so that there are sections on the Bar, licensed conveyancers, legal executives, costs lawyers and others, as well as the traditional coverage of the law relating to solicitors.

Its useful cross-referencing between materials and narrative enables quick and easy access to every aspect of legal regulation, while offering comprehensive coverage of all the relevant rules, regulations and guidlines.

Cordrey on Legal Services reflects both the characteristics of modern practice and provides coverage of the latest developments in the regulation of legal services.


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Table of contents


The Regulatory Framework
The Legal Services Board
The Legal Ombudsman
Approved Regulators and other bodies
Regulation by the principal regulators
General principles for all lawyers and regulated bodies

Statutory instruments
Law Society and SRA Rules and Regulations
Other Law Society materials
Other materials