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Alan Murdie is a specialist in council tax, housing and debt law issues dating back to 1989, including many test cases in the lower and higher courts. He is director of Council Tax Legal Services and Nucleus Legal Advice in Earl's Court, London. He has been involved with the Council Tax since its inception in 1992, editing eight editions of the Council Tax Handbook since 1998 and co-author of The Enforcement of Local Taxation (2001) with Ian Wise QC. He was a co-founder of the Zacchaeus 2000 Trust in 1996 and its senior lawyer between 2007-2013 and worked with the Ministry of Justice and Welfare Bill Committees in Parliament on law reforms. He taught intellectual property at the University of West London 1995-1998 and provides advice and training services to a wide range of public sector bodies, companies and charitable organisations.
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Council tax
Practice notes

This Practice Note summarises all aspects of council tax. It explains the role of the Valuation Office Agency (VOA), outlining the council tax valuation bands and possible appeals against them. This Note also highlights the exemptions and discounts that can be applied, and the process for billing and appeals.

Council Tax Enforcement
Practice notes

This Practice Note outlines the statutory requirements for enforcing payment of council tax. It sets out the statutory requirements for demanding sums owed, the process of issuing a summons for a debtor to appear at the magistrates’ court together with methods of enforcement such as attachment of earnings, charging of property and in very extreme cases, committal to prison.

National non-domestic rates—billing recovery, exemptions and reliefs
Practice notes

This Practice Note is one of a series of Practice Notes covering National non-domestic rates (NNDR). This Practice Note covers billing and recovery, the collection fund, transitional reliefs and exemptions from the operation of the system.

National non-domestic rates—business improvement district, business rate supplements and retention
Practice notes

This Practice Note is one of a series of notes covering National Non-Domestic Rates (NNDR). It covers business improvement districts (BIDs), explaining what they are, how they are created and funded. It also covers business rates supplements and retention of NNDR by local authorities.

National non-domestic rates—valuation and appeals
Practice notes

This Practice Note is an introduction to the system of non-domestic rates (or business rates) for non-domestic (NNDR) properties in England and Wales. It outlines the background to the operation of the scheme, provides detail on how the valuation process works. It explains how to check, challenge and if necessary make a proposal to amend a local list or appeal against decisions that have been made. It is the first of a series of three notes covering the operation of the NNDR scheme

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  • Bar of England and Wales


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  • Law Degree LL.B (Hons) - De Monfort University
  • Bar Finals Exam ' Inns of Court School of Law

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