PRACTICAL GUIDANCE DEEP RESEARCH DRAFTING LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT TESTIMONIALS HOME *Lexis® PSL subscription required Lexis Draft. Word, Perfect. Increase productivity, accuracy and profitability. Save Time and ensure Quality Use Lexis Draft on your own legal documents, such as supplier contracts, to drive quality and save time. Empower junior members of staff Enable your team to share some of the proofing burden by empowering them to perform some of the more basic document quality checks. Panel Management Use Lexis Draft to provide an opinion on inbound documentation and manage your panel more effectively. Hold them to accuracy and quality SLA’s. Mitigate Risk Lexis Draft helps manage risk from the other side of a deal. “Lexis Draft picks up those small errors that even the keenest eye can miss. If a client reads through and spots an error, it may cause them to wonder what else we got wrong. Small errors matter; everything we do must exude quality.” Austin Milne, Legal Production Innovator at RPC Productivity solutions from LexisNexis Lexis Bespoke We offer a new approach to automation, removing the need to invest in software licensing so you only pay for what you use. Develop and deploy document automation at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional solutions. Talk to us about our agile, cost effective automation solutions for you and your clients. LexisSmart Precedents LexisSmart Precedents are the decision logic tools that can swiftly guide you through the document creation process to generate tailored individual documents or suites of documents consistently, quickly and with confidence, allowing you to spend more time doing what you are best at - practicing law in a specialist, human and accessible way. DRAFTING Lexis® Draft. Lexis Draft is a Word add-in from LexisNexis which allows you to proofread the content of new and existing documents in less time and with lower risk.