Patent Portfolio

The LexisNexis Patent portfolio improves the quality of your patent research by providing you with the tools to search, compare and analyse results from the largest single source of patent content available worldwide.


LexisNexis PatentStrategies correlates nearly 90 million worldwide patents with financial, litigation, market and key business data to provide a complete picture of the intellectual property (IP) landscape. With constantly updated data from 102 patent jurisdictions, over 100 data sources and more than 50 visualizations, you can uncover insight in minutes instead of days or weeks.

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Research and analyse patent data and protect intellectual property quickly and easily with access to the largest single source of patent content available worldwide. With 100 patent authorities-32 in full text- you can be confident you are covering all the bases with data that is updated on a daily basis.

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A suite of best-in-class analytical tools to arm IP-driven organisations with insights to strategically approach the patent prosecution process and gain competitive advantage. PatentAdvisor gives you a data-driven, systematic approach to patent prosecution, budgeting, IP portfolio management, evaluation of outside IP counsel and patent prosecution when it concerns the USPTO:

  • Portfolio Management Advisor – become a more effective department leader by thoroughly understanding the health of your organisation’s entire collection of patent applications
  • Prosecution Advisor - for your patents filed in the US, gain competitive advantage by increasing efficiency in patent prosecution. Prosecution Advisor give you the ability to evaluate both inside and outside counsel effectiveness - in addition to your application's action times by art unit.
  • Budget Advisor – accurately forecast and plan USPTO patent prosecution budgets using predictive analytics

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Save time and improve the quality of your work product by creating consistently high-quality patent applications as well as analysing online issued patents. PatentOptimizer™ installs a toolbar on your Microsoft® Word, Adobe® Acrobat® and Internet browser providing you with the tools to draft higher-quality patent applications by utilizing features (among many others) such as checking your claims for proper antecedent basis, terminology for court rulings and consistency in part labeling and numbering.

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IP DataDirect-Patents

Improve the quality of your research by ensuring that you are not missing important data. IP DataDirect-Patents provides worldwide patent information from national patent offices in bulk. Stay fully informed by supplying your IP Management system with the world’s largest collection of searchable full-text and bibliographic information all supplied in one place, delivered in the shape and time that is required.

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