Deliver contracts quicker.
Without risking quality.

Create quality contracts quicker and more accurately than ever before with Lexis Draft. Avoid errors in defined terms, inconsistent phrases, numbers and references that damage your credibility and make your contracts less robust.

Lexis Draft is our multi-award winning drafting toolbar combining LexisNexis content with innovative workflow tools, to streamline the drafting process, mitigate risk, and increase productivity. The toolbar sits within Microsoft Word and automatically checks contracts for inaccuracies in defined terms, mistakes in numbering, inconsistent phrases and errors in references.

  • Speed up the time it takes you to check contracts and agreements, especially those that have come in from the other side
  • Free up time to deliver the best legal and commercial outcome, by reducing the effort involved in proofreading
  • Make collaboration on long and complex agreements, involving multiple parties, easier

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Faster. Effective. More accurate.

Save time

  • Lexis Draft significantly speeds up the time it takes you to draft, check and proofread documents
  • With all your drafting 'must haves' available in Microsoft Word, you don't need to switch between different reference libraries and programmes to check and double check your drafts

Better business results

  • Manage increased volumes of contracts effectively to help you get the best result for your business colleagues
  • Lexis Draft makes it easier to work on long or complex contracts such as outsourcing, IT purchase or other master agreements
  • Scan documents from external counsel quickly for inconsistencies and inaccuracies.

Increase accuracy

  • Avoid inaccuracies in documents shared with commercial colleagues by reviewing defined terms, inconsistent phrases, references and numbering
  • Lexis Draft automatically references the latest legislation and case law, helping you avoid any embarrassing, out of date references.

System requirements

Lexis Draft needs Microsoft Office (32-bit) 2010 Service Pack 2 or later, running on Windows 7 or later. You will also need Microsoft .NET Framework v4.6 and Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office 2010 Runtime (KB2525428, v10.0.60724 or later), although normally these will already be installed as standard.

Installing Lexis Draft

Having already integrated Lexis Draft into a wide variety of corporate environments, our technical team will work with you to ensure compatibility with your individual IT set up.

Installation steps

  1. You provide your IT and business contacts, and confirm users
  2. LexisNexis enables your service (estimated duration 2 days)
  3. Compatibility testing, with LexisNexis support (1 day)
  4. Installation to users, with LexisNexis support (1 day)
  5. Training


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