LBC Wise

We are a supporter of LBCambridge, a two day residential course that offers two cohorts per annum.

LBCambridge has changed the way in-house lawyers think about their roles and brought together a wise and generous faculty of presenters and facilitators to share career-shaping insights in a unique and beautiful setting.

The event is perfect for lawyers new to in-house roles, but will also be valuable to those in-house lawyers who would like a comprehensive refresher on skills and issues relevant to the sector.

The inaugural programme was in September 2006 and it has been held in April and September in every year since. The programme attracts in-house lawyers from around the world; every event is sold out and for many teams it is a fixture in their team development planning. We put our heart and soul into every event and our promise is to keep LBCambridge as the best event of its kind anywhere in the world.

The programme fulfils four key objectives:

To highlight and develop soft skills –

Influencing, relationship management, team working, communication etc

To focus on operational effectiveness –

Workflow management, prioritisation, knowledge management, outsourcing strategies etc

To develop strategic awareness –

Alignment, role definition, value articulation

Putting personal development at the heart of a successful career –

Building a focussed pragmatic and thought personal development plan

Further details can be found on their website.