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What our customers say

“With LexisPSL, we got a much better level of coverage in terms of alerts and know-how. Things we can use for training and growing our own checklists. It’s extremely good.”

Tim Greenwell, Director of Legal & Risk,
Southampton Football Club

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“Everything I’ve needed to do my job so far, I’ve been able to find through LexisNexis. I’ve never looked for something and not been able to find it. I use it at least once a day.”

Sarah Dodds, Head of Legal
Medical Defence Shield

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“As a UK Counsel and Director Legal, I am perceived in the company as the font of all legal knowledge, and my colleagues defer to me for anything related to UK legislation. With the support of Lexis®PSL I can always shine.”

Lara Oyesanya, UK Counsel & Director, Legal
Klarna UK Ltd

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“I couldn’t pick my favourite feature [Lexis Bespoke] because they are all there for a reason. From starting with the right template to highlighting the changes that have been made and being able to monitor what’s going through the Portal. It all makes perfect sense.”

Becky Jones, Legal Director, Company Secretary and Ethics and Compliance Officer for the Island of Ireland (IOI)
Coca Cola Hellenic Bottling Company

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“It’s not just the breadth of subject matter that’s impressive, it’s the way it’s presented. It’s very commercially-minded, aimed at the business community.”

Laure Latham, Legal Support

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“There’ve only been two times that I can recall where we’ve introduced a product that made people smile. One was the iPhone—the other was Lexis Draft.”

Donald Munro, Head of Corporate Services
Harper Macleod

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“LexisLibrary and LexisPSL gives us access to a number of publications which aren’t available through other providers. For example, Goode on consumer credit. Being split between three sites, it’s also important that everybody can access resources online. Pretty much everything we need is available through LexisNexis.”

Ryan Hayes, Operations Manager

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