Leading Effective Hybrid Teams – The Human Perspective

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23rd November 04:00PM – 06:00PM

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Leading Effective Hybrid Teams – The Human Perspective

In a world of work where time is more scarce than ever, and the demands of internal and external clients have increased exponentially, in-house leaders are facing the challenge of how to get their teams working effectively in a truly hybrid model.

While hybrid teams are currently a hot topic of discussion, they have been around a long time, albeit not the norm. That is now rapidly changing as organisations confront new realities and hybrid teams are emerging as the primary way of getting things done.

This one-of-a-kind session offers a chance to step back and consider both the challenges and opportunities with hybrid teams.

Why join
Benefit from discussing how to identify and respond to the human needs of those inhouse teams. Acknowledging that there is no single answer, we will mix the latest insights on leading hybrid teams with participants’ real-world experiences, to surface insights on how to build connection, trust and culture for effective hybrid work.

What to expect
This unique event brings the opportunity to explore the latest in academic research and apply these learnings directly in real-life scenarios and your day-to-day experiences.

Highly interactive and involving throughout - the session is about actively generating your ideas, rather than passively listening to a speaker.

Engaging content will be shared in a way which stimulates a real-world conversation to surface practical insights. The intention is for you to learn from each other, yourself, as well as accessing the latest insights. Most of your time will be spent in facilitated group, peer to peer, or open leadership focused discussion.

Please come ready to get involved.

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Mark Smith

Director, Strategic Markets, LexisNexis

After ten years as a lawyer (including four spent leading the international legal team for a Fortune 500 technology and outsourcing company, Mark completed his MBA and moved into the world of market strategy.

Dr. Paul Hughes

LLB MBA DBA, Client Engagement Director/Senior Faculty at the Centre for Creative Leadership

Paul began his career in law, but quickly moved into commercial management roles, working in several senior leadership positions managing multi-million pound businesses. Prior to joining the Centre for Creative Leadership, he worked with PwC, in a global director role with Mercuri Urval and as Head of the Praxis Centre for leadership development at Cranfield School of Management.