Tolley's Guide to Construction Contracts

Tolley's Guide to Construction Contracts
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Tolley's Guide to Construction Contracts

This looseleaf provides a comprehensive guide to the legal and commercial aspects of construction contracts, with coherent coverage to facilitate interpretation of construction contracts.

Key features of Tolley's Guide to Construction Contracts include:

* Formation and construction of contracts
* Parties' rights and obligations
* Performance issues
* Planning for contingencies
* Dispute resolution
* Procurement methods
* Public procurement
* International contracts

There are seven Appendices covering: Latest amendments to contracts; How to obtain copies of contracts; Useful addresses and websites; Legislation; Summary of less common contracts; Model Arbitration Rules (CIMAR); and further reading.

Using succinct but thorough analysis it provides detailed drafting advice on every aspect of construction contracts and on each stage of the construction transaction from a highly practical perspective. It is an essential reference service for construction professionals.

* JCT05 main contracts and PPC2000 reproduced (including amendments)
* Covers the main standard forms (JCT05, ICE7th, JCT05 (WCD), CECA Blue Form, JCT05 Sub-Contract, JCT05 Sub-Subcontract PPC2000)
* Summarises less widely-used forms (MF/1, JCT MC, ECC, GC/Works/1)
* Examines each party's rights and obligations
* Practical and informative
* Updated regularly so that readers are kept informed of all developments
* All relevant legislation is reproduced
* Appendices providing a wealth of useful information
* Fully paragraphed, cross-referenced and indexed

Four updates per year, invoiced separately.

The eight main parts of Tolley's Guide to Construction Contracts covers:

Part A - Formation and Construction of Contracts: Introduction; Contract formation; Work and/or services performed where there is no contract; Interpretation of contracts; Indemnity and exemption clauses;

Part B - Parties' Rights and Obligations: Introduction; The Employer; The Contractor; The Sub-Contractor; The Engineer/Architect; The Quantity Surveyor;

Part C - Performance Issues: The Employer; The Contract Administrator; The Contractor; The Architect and the Engineer; Collateral warranties between Consultants and Funders;

Part D - Planning for Contingencies: Risk allocation; Variations; Price and insurance; Claims; Disabled access and energy conservation;

Part E - Dispute Resolution: Introduction; Litigation; Arbitration; Adjudication; Alternative dispute resolution;

Part F - Procurement Methods: Traditional and modern procurement methods; Partnering; Commentary on PPC2000;

Part G - Public Procurement: Introduction; GC/Works contracts; PFI and PPP; European procurement rules;

Part H - International Contracts: Introduction; FIDIC; Appendices: Latest amendments to contracts; How to obtain copies of contracts; Useful addresses and websites; Legislation; Summary of less common contracts; Construction Industry Model Arbitration Rules (CIMAR); Further reading; Tables; Index


General Editor: Victoria Pounder, Solicitor, Jacksons Law.

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