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Marina Paul

Marina is highly experienced dual qualified practising solicitor in the fields of data privacy, cyber security and regulatory programmes and provides consultancy services in these fields. She has a strong background in the financial services arena having previously worked in-house for a major banking group for over 20 years.
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Outsourcing and data protection
Outsourcing and data protection
Practice notes

This Practice Note addresses the data protection aspects of outsourcing under UK data protection law from the perspective of customers and suppliers where (as is usual in outsourcing arrangements) the customer acts as controller and the supplier acts as processor. This Practice Note on data protection and outsourcing also sets out what compliant outsourcing agreements typically contain and discusses commonly negotiated issues in outsourcing agreements relating to data protection such as audit provisions, indemnities and liability (including approaches taken to limitations, exclusions and caps on the supplier’s liability and indemnities). It also provides guidance on similar requirements under equivalent EEA laws and considers both the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (EU GDPR) and United Kingdom General Data Protection Regulation, Retained Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (UK GDPR) regimes.

Stand-alone data processing agreement—personal and non-personal data—pro-customer
Stand-alone data processing agreement—personal and non-personal data—pro-customer

This UK GDPR compliant pro-customer data processing agreement is for use when a customer wishes to engage a processor (the supplier) within the UK to process data, possibly including (but not limited to) personal data, on its behalf. The agreement includes provisions relating to the ownership of the customer data and any derivative works created by the supplier from that data.

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  • 1993


  • Law Society of Scotland
  • Law Society of England & Wales
  • HM Writer to the Signet


  • LLB (Hons), Dip LP from University of Glasgow, Notary Public

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