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Charlotte advises on the delivery of infrastructure and regeneration projects, specialising in compulsory acquisition. Charlotte has advised clients on compulsory purchase orders, development consent orders, section 106 agreements and section 278 agreements. Charlotte has advised both private and public sector clients. Charlotte's experience of advising on major infrastructure projects includes advising promoters on compulsory acquisition to deliver energy schemes such as offshore wind farms both in the development consent order and compulsory purchase order arenas. Charlotte has also advised numerous objectors in relation to Transport and Works Act Orders and compulsory purchase orders. Charlotte is currently advising on a number of compulsory purchase orders to deliver regeneration benefits. Charlotte is a member of the Compulsory Purchase Association.
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Compulsory acquisition for NSIPs—application, draft DCO and supporting documentation
Practice notes

This Practice Note considers draft compulsory acquisition provisions and supporting documentation for a Development Consent Order application, as well as the procedure on acceptance of the Development Consent Order application by the Examining Authority under the Planning Act 2008.

Compulsory acquisition for NSIPs—examination, making the DCO, costs, implementation and material change applications
Practice notes

This Practice Note considers the process for examination of the compulsory acquisition provisions of a Development Consent Order, the procedure once a Development Consent Order is granted with compulsory acquisition powers, costs awards, implementation of compulsory acquisition powers and material change applications.

Compulsory acquisition for NSIPs—introduction and principles
Practice notes

This Practice Note sets out the principles and considerations that an applicant should take into account in considering whether to seek powers of compulsory acquisition in a Development Consent Order application for a nationally significant infrastructure project.

Compulsory Acquisition for NSIPs—special categories of land, associated development and additional land
Practice notes

This Practice Note considers the attention that needs to be paid to the type of land interests which are to be subject to powers of compulsory acquisition, setting out categories of land that require special treatment. This Practice Note also considers the meaning of 'associated development' and the procedure where additional land is required for compulsory acquisition.

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  • 2001-2004 University of Bristol, LLB
  • 2004-2005 Nottingham Law School, Diploma in Legal Practice

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