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LexisNexis pulls together the interconnected strands of TMT law into one place to give you a complete view across the sector. It provides expert, up-to-date practical guidance, precedents and more, so you can unpick tricky legal issues faster and advise your clients accurately and with confidence.

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What's new in Technology, Media and Telecoms

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The following features and improvements were added in July 2018 

  • New Practice Notes and Precedents in the 'Software' subtopic, including a comprehensive note on free and open source software and a new precedent.
  • New Practice Note in new technologies: Robotics--an introduction to the technology.
  • New and comprehensive ePrivacy Regulation timeline.
  • New suite of software as a services (SaaS) precedents in the 'Cloud computing' subtopic.
  • Major updates to a number of Practice Notes in 'Online advertising and adtech' including online advertising, online behavioural advertising.
  • Major update to core Practice Note on direct marketing in the 'Marketing and sponsorship' subtopic.
  • Significant new and updated content in 'Telecommunications' including a new MVNO agreement precedent, an interconnection agreement, and a Practice Note on 5G mobile technology.